Sunday, September 16, 2007

Lucky you and you and you

Gibbs, congratulations!

Here's a treat to your blog readers, following the examples of our theater friends: we'll give away 10 pairs of tickets for this Friday's [September 21] performance of MULAN at the CCP Tanghalang Aurelio Tolentino. Same condition: they write about it afterwards (and any other condition you may want to impose.) AND: the best blogger earns two tickets on opening night for the rest of the Tanghalang Pilipino season.

Thanks again for your continued support of Philippine Theater!


That's Dennis Marasigan, artistic director of Tanghalang Pilipino, the resident theater company of the Cultural Center of the Philippines. The best part of his offer, aside from the chance to enjoy the original children's play “Mulan” (a completely different version from the Disney cartoon), especially its dream scenery and costumes designed by wunderkind Gino Gonzales: “the two tickets on opening night for the rest of the Tanghalang Pilipino season.”

The rest of the season includes lang naman Mario O'Hara's “Insiang” this October (starring Ricky Davao, Sheenly Gener and Mailes Kanapi), Mustapha Matura's political satire “Kudeta,” to be directed by Floy Quintos for a January 2008 run, and “EJ,” a play by Ed Maranan that explores the heroism and sacrifices of two historical EJs, Edgar Jopson and Evelio Javier, in February next year under Chris Millado's direction.

E-mail me at... Well, you should know the address by now.

PLUS: McVie reviews Atlantis Productions' “Avenue Q!” The bottomline:

“'Avenue Q' is Sesame Street after college: lessons are learned, albeit in a more realistic, tempered way. In simple Sesame Street, the lesson is, 'Racism is bad'; in Avenue Q, 'Everyone’s a little racist; if we acknowledge that, maybe we can get along better.'

“In the hands of the exceptional ensemble, Avenue Q’s songs engage, entertain and pack an emotional punch. More than just moving, the songs also instruct. Now that’s a tall feat. Thanks to the talented cast and creative staff (headed by co-directors Bobby Garcia and Chari Arespacochaga), this latest from Atlantis Productions graduates with high honors.”

McVie had so much fun with the show, he even ends his review with an original limerick:

“If there’s one must-watch musical for you,
then you won’t go wrong with Avenue Q.
Queue up before it ends on cue.”

Winner ang wit!

PLUS PLUS: Exie Abola, writer, professor, Palanca award-winning essayist and Philippine Star columnist, blogs about Floy Quintos' “Fluid:”

“The long and short of it: fine material wonderfully performed. The most amazing performances were turned in by students. The story dwells on the familiar struggles artists must go through, but treats them in a way that makes them interesting and entertaining. The play itself seems to resolve the tension between the impulse to make art and the temptation to compromise.”

Or, as his entry's title puts it, “Floored by 'Fluid.'”

Welcome to blogging, Exie! More reviews!


Quentin X said...

:( No show on my holiday between 18 October to 7 Novermber?

exie abola said...

Hi Gibbs.

Thanks for plugging my blog. I'm putting together a longer piece on Fluid which I will also submit to Philstar.

My review of Dulaang UP's As You Like It is up on my blog too, and it's a longer piece than the one published in the paper today. I think they had to chop off one-fourth of the original because of space constraints.

Thanks for the warm welcome, and yes, I do hope to write more reviews. And I hope to do justice to the productions in my writing.

Ederic said...

It's been years since I last watched a play on stage. Gusto ko na ulit. :p

charmed one said...

Drat! I would've loved to watch these shows in CCP, I used to always watch shows at CCP, I watched even the Ballet.

But I'm not based in Manila.


exie abola said...

Hi again, Gibbs.

Correction: my editors lopped off a full one-THIRD of my original review. Argh.

At least now I know how long they should be.

exie abola said...

My full review of Fluid is now on my blog. It should come out in tomorrow's Philstar.

gibbs cadiz said...

QUENTIN X, hmmm, there are theater shows within that period, but not avenue q. :)

EXIE, glad you're writing about theater, and in a major paper yet! :)

EDERIC, you know my number. :)

CHARMED ONE, the next time you're in town, i hope you get to check out the ccp and other shows again. :)

EXIE, again--haha, you know how it is with dailies. space constraints always. it's a good thing we can read the longer version in your blog. :)

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