Monday, September 03, 2007

Moleskins for the 'PETA Party of 10' winners!

Once again, Karla Maquiling of

It wasn’t easy deciding on the three best posts on the “PETA Party of 10” (although we ended up with 17) that Inquirer’s lifestyle desk editor and theater critic Gibbs Cadiz organized for the Philippine Educational Theater Association and PinoyCentric.

Foot-in-mouth incidents aside, we had a lot of fun reading the entries. (Are there any embarrassing videos on YouTube yet?)

Here are the three posts we loved the most, as unanimously agreed on by the judges (PinoyCentric’s Chicago-based editorial director Armand Frasco, Gibbs, and me):

1. Vlogger
Coy Caballes writes: “You can be Juliet, Plato, or even Rizal if you only internalize the character--which requires not only knowledge of material but also the passion to believe you can be.”

Read his post and watch his video here.

Martin Malabanan thought the tour wasn’t what he was expecting, “but it turned out to be more interesting and actually more fun.”

“The prospect of spending an afternoon singing, dancing and playing dress-up with a bunch of strangers would have scared the hell out of me. It still scared me a bit, but like the other bloggers, I just threw myself into the tour activities which had us learning a song, doing movement exercises, wearing weird costumes (I got a bonnet with dreadlocks), and forming tableaus in a couple of different venues in the theater center, after which, they had us showcase everything we learned on the actual PETA stage.”

Read his full-length entry here.

Carla Mejia admits to being scared at the prospect of being asked to act, she writes.

“We were introduced to the lovely Cecilia B. Garrucho, PETA President and our tour guide as well. When she told us that the tour needed our “cooperation,” the first thing that came to my mind was: Oh. My. Goodness… they’re gonna make us act! What’m I gonna do? The inner actress and scaredy-cat in me warred in my guts but of course I am not out there to be a wet blanket so my inner actress won over.”

Carla realizes one thing, however: “I think I wanna be an actress now!”

Read her entry here.

You can read the entries of the other participants here:

Kai Nicolas: “My PETA Theater Experience”
Jun Somoza: “Rizal Before the Myth”
Diego Maranan: “PETA Tour: The Walkthrough and Batang Rizal”
Arpee Lazaro: “All the World’s a PETA Stage”
Cielo: “A Different Theater Experience”
Benj Espina: “I Got Duped by Gibbs!”
Jeff Villafranca: “Pepe Does Back to the Future
Faith: “Breaking out at New Manila”
Joseph Datingguinoo: “Dude, Astig si Jose Rizal”

And more pictures here!

Gratitude time: Thank you, Armand and Karla of, for the generous support. Thank you, PETA, for the privilege of having no less than CB Garrucho, PETA president, as our tour guide, and for discounting the tickets so we could accommodate more bloggers. And thank you to all the participating bloggers for the one-of-a-kind afternoon! It was fun, wasn't it? The PETA people were thrilled that you were all so game. As for me, I think I've found my life's work: luring more people to these kinds of memorable embarrassments. Kidding!


carlotta said...

wow gibbs this is a great surprise! how can we get the prize? =)

- carla

Karla said...

Thanks, too, Gibbs for helping out. We wouldn't have been able to come up with a good mix if it weren't for you.

Let's do another project soon (if our pockets permit)!

Carlotta: I left a comment at your blog asking for your address so we could ship the Moleskine.

martin malabanan said...

seryoso ba 'to? :-) wow, thanks!

Senor Enrique said...

Based on the photos and entries about this event, a wonderful time was obviously had by all. Congrats!

SexyMom said...

gee! moleskins.

the bloggers must have had lots of fun with the theater people.

CokskiBlue said...

hi gibbs! thank you very much for the opportunity!

wala na pala akong phone for 3 days na so wala na akong contact sa mundo. hehe.

P0ytee said...

Request naman.. Paalis naman niyang photo na yan na may nakakahiyang shot ko.. utang na loob!

Thanks again, Gibbs! Buti inuto mo ko. Hehe.

lateralus said...

Wala talagang "fiercest photos" award? BOO! lol

gibbs cadiz said...

CARLOTTA, i believe karla has emailed you about this? anyway, congrats again! :)

KARLA, a new project? wow, mucho money ka talaga ha? zure! :)

MARTIN, siempre seryoso, kinarir mo din ang participation mo at blog entry mo e, dapat lang me reward, haha. congrats again! :)

SENOR ENRIQUE, yep, we all had a blast. thanks for the comment. :)

DINE, yep, but i believe the peta people also enjoyed it as much as we did. they'd be all smiles reading the bloggers' entries. :)

COY, congrats! hehe, panalo ka na naman! wait, what happened to your fone ba? :)

FAITH, anuba, di nakakahiya yung photo ha, nakakabanas. LOL, joke! katuwa nga e, sa uulitin ha! :)

BENJ, ibigay na sa mga 'warm entries,' sabi mo nga, haha. :)

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