Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Ricky Davao is talking to you

Yes, you. He's inviting you to a very special one-night-only show on September 22, Saturday, at the Music Museum. He says some 5,000 people watched this play when it ran for five performances in Cebu last month. Read his lips. He's actually taunting you guys from Manila: "Tapatan niyo yan!"

Not! Before he decks me, I'll wimp out by saying I'm just trying to stir things up a bit. Here he is, untranslated:

Say yes, babycakes?


annamanila said...

Thanks Gibbs. That was a treat -- to hear and see Ricky Davao invite me to his show tonight (or was it yesterday?) though I have to, shucks, turn it down. :)

He's one of my faves as is Michael de Mesa.

gibbs cadiz said...

ANNA, 'art' was great, and ricky davao was fantastic. what an evening! :)

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