Friday, September 07, 2007

The way I'll remember him

“Luciano's voice was so extraordinarily beautiful and his delivery so natural and direct that his singing spoke right to the hearts of listeners whether they knew anything about opera or not.”--Metropolitan Opera music director James Levine, on the death of the most beloved and celebrated tenor since the great Caruso and one of the few opera singers to win crossover fame as a popular superstar

“Nessun Dorma,” the kerchief, the girth, the smile, the ovation


hxero said...

Nalungkot din ako kase last wednesday palang ay nagpost ako sa isang blog na I'm praying for his recovery nung nasa hospital pa sya then the next day pagopen ko sa yahoo un ang headline na namatay na nga sya... nakakalungkot tlga

Annamanila said...

He came here a few years ago, didn't he? Sniffling and sneezing. Still he was splendid. How wonderful that his voice still lives on.

gibbs cadiz said...

HXERO, thanks for your comment. siguro like me you've been listening to his recording to the past few weeks. :)

ANNA, yep, i was there at the open-air field outside the PICC, watching his performance on two giant screens. i had expected few people to show up, as this was opera, but pavarotti was really a crossover superstar, because pretty soon there were thousands of ordinary folk there, and they clapped just as joyously as those inside the hall did every time the great tenor sang. he had colds then, so even with the posh crowd chanting nessun dorma after his second encore, he didn't sing the song. but we all forgave him nevertheless. he was pavarotti, after all. :)

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