Tuesday, September 11, 2007

When it rains...

What did I tell you? Build it and they will come, indeed. From my inbox:

Hi Gibbs,

I noticed that you offer the readers of your blog free tickets. Here's what I'd like to offer you. I can give you 6 free tickets to the Sunday, September 16th matinee (orchestra house seats!) AT 3PM for you to give out to your readers on one condition--they buy tickets within the year to a university production (any production at any university) to support the young upcoming theatre artists. Has to be a school production! As those productions don't charge much for tickets, it's a great trade-off for them and we end up helping the new generation of theatre artists.

Whatcha think?


Bobby is Bobby Garcia, director of “Rent,” “Dreamgirls,” “Jesus Christ Superstar,” etc. The show he's talking about is his current production, “Avenue Q,” which is playing to packed houses at the RCBC Theater, Makati City, until September 23.

He's being extra-generous when he asks only that bloggers who avail themselves of the free tickets support campus theater in return. To be fair to him and “Avenue Q,” though, let me add the usual condition: Blog about the show afterwards. Up to you what you wanna say about it. Fair enough deal, right?

Take note of the showdate: September 16, Sunday, 3 p.m. E-mail me at gibbs_c@yahoo.com to reserve a ticket. One blogger, one ticket, first-come, first-served. Whatchu waiting for?

Update: All six tickets taken!


Chris Lagman said...

Gibbs this is just the beginning. I see many great things in the horizon for this blog. Mabuhay ka!

gibbs cadiz said...

CHRIS, salamat! and thanks for the push you gave me in the beginning! :)

Jay UPSE said...

This is a great deal. Supporting both university and "commercial" productions. Very admirable. Unknown to university-based theater groups, it is equally (if not actually) more difficult to mount a production outside the university. Costs are higher, marketing is more difficult, competition is stiff....etc. in the end, both commercial and university theater groups are actually in the same boat. This is actually a very generous offer. Six tickets are six tickets :) I hope other groups would follow this example. more power

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