Monday, October 08, 2007

A moment in the 'Woods'

The cast of New Voice Company's upcoming production of Stephen Sondheim's “Into The Woods:” (back, from left) Angela Padilla, Missy Maramara, Tommy Abuel, Joaqui Valdez, Mika Margolles, Jon Mulhall, Red Concepcion; (seated, center, from left) Lynn Sherman, Menchu Lauchengco-Yulo, Michael Williams, Mads Nicolas, Cathy Azanza; (front, from left) China Tapia, Julia Abueva, Mica Pineda and Maita Ponce.

Completing the cast are Jamie Wilson, Juno Henares, Sisa Esteva and Amiel Mendoza. Direction by NVC Associate Artistic Director Rito Asilo, choreography by Dexter Santos, set design by Gino Gonzales, lights by Martin Esteva, musical direction by Ceejay Javier.

“Into the Woods” runs November 9-December 8 at the Music Museum. Call 8966695, 8965497, 8990630 or 8919999 for tickets. Email or visit

Hooray for Tommy Abuel's comeback and a rare musical appearance by Mads Nicolas!

PLUS: What's your favorite “Into the Woods” tune? “No One Is Alone?” “Children Will Listen?” “Agony?” Mine is “Moments In the Woods,” not because it's the most melodious--it's hard to sing, actually--but because it spotlights Sondheim's beautiful, buoyant wordplay (“Let the moment go/Don't forget it for a moment, though/Just remembering you've had an AND/When you're back to OR/Makes the OR mean more than it did before”) that, in the hands of a gifted musical actress like Joanna Gleason, assumes even more nuance, delicacy, coloration, humor. See video below for Ms. Gleason's radiant interpretation of this tricky song. Great actressy moment worthy of her Tony trophy!

(Menchu Lauchengco-Yulo is singing this part. Yey!)


beektur said...
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beektur said...

when i saw the picture my first thought was "tommy abuel and madz nicholas in an NVC production of a sondheim musical?!" bravo, indeed! i saw tommy abuel (and found out his real name, too) in a dress rehearsal and actual performance of TP's translation of jean anouilh's the lark -- with jacklyn jose essaying the role of joan of arc -- under nonon padilla (i think). they were both strong actors, different styles, very complementary. madz nicholas, i have also seen in countless TP runs.

it used to be that Rep, TP, PETA, etc have their own, almost exclusive, stable of actors. but it seems like right now, everyone plays in everyone else's productions. why the change? better rapport among industry players? less available actors? competitive salary (eeeng!)? what's the impact? varied experience for actors? better theater experience for audience? harder scheduling and management for production crew?

inform us please, oh theater oracle of pinas!

EdGE said...


Although I do find the titular song the most appealing to me because of its length, or maybe it's because of the Forbidden Broadway spoof, "Into the Words."

gibbs cadiz said...

BEEKTUR, hehe, i'll take up those questions in one separate post.exciting nga to see all this cross-pollination e, i think it's doing local theater much good. :)

EDGE, thanks for your comment. i have a few forbidden broadway tracks, but not 'into the words.' which FB edition is this from, i'd love to hear it! :)

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