Tuesday, October 30, 2007

More happiness

We advertised for 20 bloggers, but we ended up with 35 people in the room last Saturday. Most of them young, students even--which made it all the more gratifying. As Mcvie would write, “Hey, if I’m going to entrust the future of theater appreciation to anyone, might as well be to them.” Eh-men!

Here's the official PinoyCentric.com dispatch, written by Karla, of course (just skip over the mention of my name):

Here’s a big thank you to all those who attended “Theater Talk with Floy Quintos” last Saturday. We hope you all went away with a deeper appreciation of the theater and continue blogging more about it.

A special thank-you, of course, should be given to Gibbs Cadiz, whose brainchild it was (the CD sampler you guys brought home was his brilliant idea); to Migs, whose professionalism and organization was really impressive (online registration! how about that?!); to McVie, who was a natural host waiting to be discovered (we should do this again and you get to be host the next time); and to Floy Quintos, who gladly set aside some time to share his vast theater experience with bloggers and encourage them to watch and continue writing about it.

JM, certainly, was most helpful in covering an out-of-town event that I couldn’t go to because I had to stay at the HQ, and Armand in Chicago, but with us in spirit, who’s indulged me this whim. Thank you, thank you!

Of course, not to forget the customary link love:

One of the first to blog was Andrian Bicaldo, who went away with two tickets to “Insiang:”

“Theater is indeed an alternative world, and as an audience, one has to open himself to this world. Learn the craft, learn to appreciate the director’s vision, the actors’ interpretation and attack on their roles. Everything was covered, it was like Theater 101 for me.” [“Theater Talk Atbp at PETA Center”]

Mrs. J (aka Jason De la Cruz) writes:

“Floy Quintos started a short introduction about theater, how we can appreciate it more . . . the production itself, from the set–how can it help the audience feel the 'world' that the director and scripwriter is creating, the actors–every artista has his/her own way of delivering the lines or portraying the roles, up to the technicalities of every theater production . . . he made examples, analogies of plays that really made a good impact and defy why theatre exist. . . Direk even talked about the other types of theatre like the musicals, ballet and opera and also how theatre now a days reach out more that at times it’s becoming so much like the comedy bars– direct and straight to the point!...” [“Bet ko 2: Theatre Talk with Floy”]

Within the week, pending some technical glitches, we’ll try to have the recorded talk online so those who didn’t make it could download and listen to it.

More stories from the other participants here:

Glaiza Seguia: “Crunchy Tuna Roll!”
Calvin Cortes: “Talk About Theater”
Jeanne Louise Cruz: “Theater Talk, Atbp. With Floy Quintos”
Arpee and Noreen Lazaro: “Floy Talks Theater”
Walter Ang: “Theater talk with Floy Quintos”
Shari Cruz: “Theater Talk + Liquor Ban = Disaster”
Jhed Cabrera: “The Dork Does Theater”
LA Lomarda: “Theater, Liquor and Coffee”
Alan Rey Penilla: “A Late Lucky Bastard at the Theater Talk”
Lalah Varias: “A Soulful Venture”
Juned Sonido: “A Night at the Theater”
Richard Raymond Uy: “Theater Talk with Floy Quintos”
Chris Lagman: “Theater Talk at PETA”
Joel Macaventa: “Theater Talk”

Some more attendees: Ederic Eder, Marco Angeles, Christopher Joseph San Jose, Chuck Smith, Carlo Capellan, Cyril Ramos, Sharline Bareng, AJ Matela, Joseph Datinguinoo, Faith Salazar, Coy Caballes, JM Tuazon, Ricky/Arlo, Gerald Cruz, and Philippine Star columnist Exie Abola.

Thank you!
1. To all the participants for spending time on this event. It was a Saturday, you could have been out on a gimmick, but you chose to dig theater instead. You rock.

2. To Floy Quintos. Wow, what can I say? You had them from the git-go, as I had expected. Your knowledge, experience and passion all combined for a terrifically sharp and entertaining presentation. Hats off to you!

3. To Tanghalang Pilipino, Repertory Philippines and Atlantis Productions for the free tickets that were raffled off, and to PETA for accommodating us in its Center. Continue giving us plays and musicals that we can be proud of.

4. To McVie for expertly hosting the event. Watch out, Boy Abunda! :)

5. To Armand, Karla, JM and Marj of PinoyCentric.com and Migs of ManilaGayGuy for the generous sponsorship. The food was yummy, the encouragement inspiring, and the event itself something to cherish for good. Ready for more?

PLUS: More photos here.

[Photo 1: JM Tuazon for PinoyCentric.com]


Caint said...

Nahiya naman ako sa post ko! Actually hindi pa kasi tapos yun. (Defensive lang hehe)

Thanks a lot Gibbs! I had a great time! Glad to have meet you!


chuck said...

Thank you very much :)

Glaiza said...

I'd like to pretend there's a logic to the "Crunchy Tuna Roll!" title, but there isn't. Haha. :D Thanks very much for an insightful night and nice meeting you all. :) Hope to take part in more events. :)

beektur said...

sounds like you had a great, productive time. how about setting up a moderated online coversation where your global readers can participante, next time ;)

mrs.j said...


wow,,, im so popular haha! tnx sa quote!

anywez..tnx again.. pang ilang tnx ko na ba to?! haha!

o well sayang lang di natin napilit si direk sa celia rodrgz classic storie nia!

sa part 2 nalang oki?!


ewan said...

sana po cebu naman yung next destination..would love to join...mag-aabsent talaga ako sa skul...hihi...

nwe, pwede po magtanong? me libre po bang ticket for the staging of zsazsa zaturnah in cebu? kc po its a bit expensive for student like us. 300 po yung pinakamalayo while the nearest spot is at 2500...

just a wid though sir gibbs

gibbs cadiz said...

CALVIN, don't worry about your post, ayos na yun. :)

CHUCK, GLAIZA, MRS. J, you're welcome. thanks din for coming. :)

BEEKTUR, good idea but technologically challenging. will check how that can be done. what would be the topic? :)

EWAN, hi, uh, much as we'd like to have something like this happen in other places, mejo di pa namin gamay ngayon, since we're not familiar with the blogging/arts scene outside of manila. as for zsazsa zaturnnah in cebu, am sorry but i don't have free tickets to raffle off for this show. am not in contact with the producers who are bringing zzz to cebu. :)

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