Friday, October 05, 2007

Taken for a ride

What's wrong with this picture?

YES Magazine, October 2007: “Posing for our cameras, Yilmaz hugs Ruffa from the back. We ask Yilmaz to move his hand because he looks like he is choking Ruffa. He then playfully pretends to choke his wife. 'I remember what you do to me past six months!' he snarls. Ruffa is all laughter.”

Ruffa Gutierrez on Startalk, June 9, 2007: “Sinasaktan niya ako, binubugbog niya ako, pinutol lahat ng buhok ko, sinisipa ako, kinukulong ako sa cabinet, bini-belt niya ako, lahat!... The real reason I left him is because all the time he hit me, he abuses me, he tortured me... The last time I left Instanbul in February, he tortured me and he hit me for 15 hours just because may nalaman siya tungkol sa akin.”


Anonymous said...

nothing. they seem like your typical pinoy showbiz couple. ;)


vincedejesus said...

I wouldn't be surprised at all if the "reported" abuse and marital problems were all scripted just to generate publicity and liven up Ruffa's career.

Ruffa, an actress who cheated and lied to the whole Filipino nation when she announced a different winner in the MMFF years ago. Ylmaz, the son of a rich Turkish Mafia boss.

I can't understand why Pinoys even bother to follow the lives of people who are clearly making up controversies para mapag-usapan lang.

Ang cheap talaga.

Gigi said...

Hay naku, am not sure whom she is hurting more: herself (if she is indeed a battered wife going back to her tormentor) or the REAL battered women (whose torment she mocks if she's faking this whole damn thing for sympathy).

beektur said...

zzzzz...ngooork. next!

Em Dy said...

I'm no Ruffa-Yilmaz fan but their affection for each other really shows on screen. They seem giddy and head over heels in love with the other. Perhaps, Ruffa is a much better actress than commonly perceived. It does seem like we were taken for a ride.

snglguy said...

Maybe he really did want to strangle her and she... well she's probably just a glutton for pain. :-D

Bagay nga sila.

carlotta said...

blah, blah, blah... just like any other papansin showbiz people.

gibbs cadiz said...

RYAN, right, haha, if a typical pinoy couple can do their marital slugfest on tv. :)

VINCE, sinabi mo pa. :)

GIGI, great point, exactly what raises my hackles. :)

BEEKTUR, aay, out of the local showbiz loop ka na nga pala. :)

EM, you think so too, huh? that makes two of us. :)

SNGLGUY, or a glutton for the good life? :)

CARLOTTA, naman! :)

Annamanila said...

Ho hum. What else is new? I have nothing about movie stars. I like a lot of them and was an unabashed Nora fan. I mean am. :) But this one I really wanna write off.

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