Thursday, November 15, 2007

Multiply me!

Aw-right, I'm weak, I'm frail, I'm helpless against the tide. Throw in lazy, too. I'd always thought maintaining another personal site on the Net was an invitation to more sleepless days, what with this blog and Friendster and e-mail and my daily blog-hopping and online reads steadily chipping away at my free time. Surely I couldn't afford another distraction! And having to remember one more bloody username and password.

My friends and officemates, though, they're merciless--nagging me every time to try Multiply. “It's all there na,” they'd coo. “You can blog, store pictures, upload videos, share your music, lahat! Plus andaming celebrities sa Multiply!” Ho-hum. I decided to check it out and sign up only when I needed to share with some bloggers pictures of events they had participated in (no Flickr here, either). Even then, it was a plain, threadbare site.

So what changed? I suddenly realized my blog entries here were nearing the 400-strong mark. And I didn't have back-up copies for any of them. I'd been told that Multiply allowed for automatic cross-posting of blog entries. Aba, ma-try nga. And while at it, why not jazz up the site a bit? Couldn't be looking at a bare-bones sight every time. Of course, the OC guy that I am, good luck with the “bit” part, right?

The first time I tried importing all my blog entries in one blow, there was an error. Odd. So I clicked again, and again. Next thing I knew, the entries had duplicated themselves, messing up the chronology and flooding the site with--deep breath--931 entries. What the fuck. Worse, apparently Multiply has never thought of klutzes like me, because there was no way to undo the whole thing. I had to go through each and every double entry and delete it. That was one whole night spent mopping up, with a painful wrist as my reward afterwards. Hatechu, Multiply!

But hey, now that I'm in, I'm resolved to do a decent job of maintaining it, expanding it, inhabiting it. Karirin na! For starters, who can teach me how to customize my template? I'd like to have that luscious red apple on the sidebar to appear on my Multiply header. The free themes I've seen here (and there are thousands!) mostly don't appeal to me--too cluttered-looking. A sleek, simple design would do.

Are you on Multiply, too? Then addmeaddmeaddme! I'm here. My site's a work in progress--natch--so don't mind for now whatever weird updates or additions you might see in it. Holler, too, when you drop by. If you're feeling generous, propose to trade a whole Broadway cast album or some rare video that could fetch us both lotsa hits. Then you'll have my attention. Hohoho.

E-mail from two friends this morning: invitation to join a new thang called Facebook. Tigilan niyo na ako!


Tonyo said...

Hi Gibbs,

I follow your blog. I read in this entry that you worry about not having backup. I think we have a mutual friend (?) whose blog went pfft! and he had no backup.

Subukan mo ito:

Chicken feed dyan ang blog backups. After setting it up. Automatic na siyang gagana. Instant peace of mind. Free.

aryo said...

Bwehehe. Parehas pala tayo ng masaklap na buhay. Nagdoble din ang posting ko sa Multiply. Pero wala akong balak magpagod sa kaayos.

Paninindigan ko na. Multiply means double or triple posting my blogs. At nang maghari sila sa sanlibutan...


is said...

hullo sir can i add u in my multiply? welcome to the club. :)

FruityOaty said...

I signed up for Facebook a month ago and recently deactivated my account. Time sucker. Then I signed up for Twitter, but I like it so far.

And just 4 days ago... Multiply. Only because I had to login to get some music, hehe.

Eh, one can spend way too much time online... spread over too thinly.

arpee lazaro said...

i only use multiply for pictures. online afficionados usually give you that look when they ask you about your blog and you say it's in multiply. they think you're not serious with your blogging. that's why i abandoned my multiply blog and just used it for pictures. then i found flickr. anyway, i suggest you get yourself hosted because you now have tremendous content that need professional handling. suggestion lang.

f i l l i b u s t e r o said...

i also have a multiply account, on the "blog" portion of the site contains nothing but the lines:

"ang blog na ito ay walang laman,
okay lang 'yun,
kaysa naman sa may lamang wala"

i'm totally happy with my wordpress.

Fire Eye'd Boy said...

oi gibbs? gibbs can haz moolteeplaiz? yay!

Welcome to 2007. While you're at it, get Twitter too. It won't hurt a bit to have 20000 accounts ya know :p

gibbs cadiz said...

TONYO, hi! thanks for the heads-up, i'll check out that backup site. :)

ARYO, aynaku, linisin mo na habang konti pa lang. :)

IS, hi, add away! :)

FRUITY! how are you? glad we're hearing from you again. :)

ARPEE, hmmm, i actually have a domain na, lemme think about the other add-ons of professional hosting. :)

FILLIBUSTERO, teach me wordpress? :)

JEFF! uy, nabuhay si fireeyedboy a! quit ogling na kasi that ipod touch, haha! :)

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