Thursday, November 01, 2007

The once and future Lancelot

“Robert Goulet, who marshaled his dark good looks and thundering baritone voice to play a dashing Lancelot in the original 'Camelot' in 1960, then went on to a wide-ranging career as a singer and actor, winning a Tony, a Grammy and an Emmy, died yesterday in Los Angeles. He was 73...

“After the 'Camelot' triumph, Mr. Goulet was called the next great matinee idol. Judy Garland described him as a living 8-by-10 glossy. He was swamped with offers to do movies, television shows and nightclub engagements. Few articles failed to mention his blue bedroom eyes, and many female fans tossed him room keys during performances. His hit song from 'Camelot,' 'If Ever I Would Leave You,' remains a romantic standard.

“'Something in his voice evokes old times and romance,' Alex Witchel wrote in The New York Times Magazine in 1993. 'He makes you remember corsages.'”

-- “Robert Goulet, the Suave Baritone, Is Dead at 73”

Here is that hit song, and that voice:

[Photo 1:]


Annamanila said...

I saw Camelot with Robert Goulet as Lancelot to Richard Harris' King Arthur to Vanessa Redgrave's Gueneviere (I am not sure of the spelling of the queenly name, not even sure of those actors .. can you confirm? hahaha) Though I may have forgotten some details, the film and songs reverberate in my mind's ears.

gibbs cadiz said...

hi ANNA, it was indeed richard harris as arthur and vanessa redgrave as guinevere, but it was franco nero, not robert goulet, who played lancelot in the movie. :) yep, the music's enchanting, and so were the sets!

Annamanila said...

Aaah. My memory is rusty. So Goulet played Lancelot in theatre. Franco Nero -- does he (did he) sing too?


I just played the song twice. Thanks for memories.

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