Saturday, November 17, 2007

PETA's Youth Theater Festival

This December, the Philippine Educational Theater Association—Metropolitan Teen Theater League (MTTL) takes the youth forward with the Dula-Daluyan 2007 Youth Theater Festival.

Titled "Kabataan Crossing: A Generation En Route to a New Path of Meaningful Expression," the festival will host more than 12 groups, hundreds of audiences and participants from the MTTL’s network of school and community-based theater groups. From Dec. 7-9, the Peta Theater Center comes alive with workshops, fora, exhibits, conferences, performances and an arts and crafts fair.

The Dula-Daluyan is held every other year. This time, the Peta-MTTL takes on the steering wheel, taking the festival on a joyride of learning and experience. Each visiting group gets to showcase its craft and vehicle of expression in the three-day long event.

The festival begins with an opening parade on Dec. 7 and ends with a concert on the eve of Dec. 9, featuring some of the hottest bands today. It will also feature a three-day bazaar with booths offering paintings, accessories, books, music CDs, even bargain clothes, fashion art, coffee and pasta.

The Peta-MTTL is supported by the Church Development Service (EED) of Germany. Call 7256244, 4100821, 0918-9354166; e-mail

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