Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Sing your angst away

Did you know that in Helsinki, Finland, they've formed a Complaints Choir? Finnish artists Tellervo Kalleinen and Oliver Kochta-Kalleinen had the inspired idea to collect the rants and snorts of ordinary folk and, with music by Esko Grundström, use them as lyrics for a choral piece. Not a loony idea, too, if you check out this video:

As you can see, the choir members (especially the women!) seem totally into the idea of letting off steam through harmonized, collective grousing, exhibiting palpable enjoyment as they chant one ill after another, among them:

1. “Old forests are cut down to make toilet paper; and still all the toilets are always out of paper.”
2. “In the middle of Helsinki they built another shopping hell.”
3. “We always lose to Sweden in hockey and Eurovision.”
4. “Christmas season starts earlier every year.”
5. “At work they pat me on the shoulder, then stab me in the back.”
6. “Bullshitters get on too well in life.”
7. “Nice shirts get discolored in the wash, but ugly shirts never do.”
8. “I don't get laid enough!”
9. “People only take a stand in SMS forums.”
10. “Our ancestors could have picked a sunnier place to be!”

The refrain, of course, is always “It's not fair, It's not fair, It's not fair!”

Crazy, funny, purgative, heartwarming idea, don't you agree? Other cities have followed suit, with Complaints Choirs now merrily whining away in St. Petersburg, Jerusalem, Melbourne, Pittsburgh, Budapest, Chicago, Hamburg. Even strait-laced Singapore is debuting one in 2008--Singapore, where strident complaining can land you a stint in Changi prison.

If there's a people better suited for this type of cathartic activity, it's us Pinoys with our thousand and one daily miseries and the unmatched gallows humor we extract from them. So how about a Complaints Choir of Manila, Mr. C? I'll do my part by contributing some of my own pet peeves:

1. Whole families or barkada in the mall who choose to hold a photo moment or a conference on where to eat right in front of the escalator, blocking everyone's way.

2. A variation: Families and barkada in the mall who leisurely amble down the corridors in one row, firing squad-like, occupying the whole width and frustrating people like me who walk fast and with a purpose.

3. Creepy fast-food waiters and waitresses who materialize in front of you just as you're shoveling food into your mouth, to ask with the sweetest of smiles, “Sir, kumusta naman po ang pagkain namin?” (Aminin, Shakey's!)

4. Restaurants that always run out of their purported bestsellers. Worse: 24-hour restos that always seem to be out of stock of choice orders, which begs the question: Who's the idiot doing your inventory? (e.g., North Park Makati Avenue's Lechon Macau with Fried Rice, my fave there but the one always “ubos na.”)

5. Willie Revillame. Basta. I can't stand seeing him and his snivelling ways, more so with that juvenile Joey De Leon-induced meltdown on TV.

You, what ticks you off? Let's do a list here! Ready, sing!


Anonymous said...

sige, gibbs. harmonise tayo...

"ooo...tagain si willie revillame...tagain si willie"


aryo said...

He he. This one's a great idea. Tell me if there's going to be one like this at home and I'll join. Madamdamin ang magiging delivery ko ng "I don't get laid enough" at "Bullshitters get on too well in life."

Btw, hanggang ngayon ba nauubusan pa rin ang North Park Makati Avenue ng Lechon Macau with Fried Rice? Agahan kasi ang punta. :-)

lateralus said...

You should really see our gigs, Gibbs. :)

Anonymous said...

-people who bring small kids with them in divisoria when it is full of crowds
-misbehaving kids in church (makes one want to pinch them}
-the atm running out of cash right after the person in front of you uses it
-tricycle/jeepney drivers with b.o. and you sitting just beside them

Annamanila said...

I like to say I don't sweat the small stuff but I really get pissed out often too.

By hair grooming shop attendants who would unfailingly ask who did my hair last, as though the one who did should be executed by firing squad.

By too much crying in reality TV.

By telemarketers who would insist on finishing their sales pitch plus extra pitches for overcoming objections even though I'd say I am not in the market for anything.

Ay ang dami. Josko, I am getting peeved now. hehe.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
gibbs cadiz said...

RYAN, tagain? wag naman, haha. :)

ARYO, you don't get laid well enough? that's bullshit! nyehehe! :)

BENJ, then invite me one time. :)

ANONYMOUS, agree with you on the atms! :)

ANNA, get all of them out na! :)

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