Friday, November 02, 2007

We blog, they vlog!

1. Gone for a while, Coy aka CokskiBlue is back, but in a brand-new address and with a brand-new look. More snazzy but in a way also more streamlined, the better to highlight his main “product.” You see, Coy is not much into words, though he can write well, too. He's stamped his presence in the, erm, Pinoy blogosphere with his imaginatively produced videos--none of them beyond 15 minutes, but almost every one a hip, snappy, engaging collage of music, pictures, live action and dreamy narration that has allowed us a peek into his young life (and sometimes participation in it--witness the “Pick a Barong” episode!).

Coy's decision to blog mainly through videos was novel, at least in the local context. The resulting popularity of his original site has helped make “vlogging” an exciting, enticing possibility for anyone with a PC, a camera and the moxie to be the lead star of his or her own home-made movie.

Now, to mark the launch of his very own domain (no more Blogspot squatting!), he's fanning the vlogging flames some more by asking people to “make a blog post about 'Pinoy Vlogging.'” He'll choose the best post by November 18 and do a promotional video of the winner's blog. As someone who's been at the receiving end of Coy's vlogging skills--I dragged him to the theater, and he came up with slam-bang video reports every time (here and here)--I can only bat for this contest with much enthusiasm. Never mind the increase in traffic; just think of your blog as the star of a well-made video by one of the country's best vlogging practitioners--a promo piece that you can then use over and over as your blog identifier. Convinced? Read more about it here. (And for a really funny entry, check this out.)

2. Another vlogger, not as prolific as Coy but one with his own unique way with words and the camera, is Paolo Mendoza, who's also moved to a new domain only months after dropping the Blogspot in his URL and opting for his own Now he's b/vlogging in, which at first glance looks more like a network blog and lacks the personality of its new owner. Then again, Paolo's been in for only a day or two in his new home, and is still fiddling with Wordpress. (Why is everybody I know leaving Blogspot? Will I be the only left here?) In time, the new site should acquire the familiar veneer of The Philosophical Bastard--smart and smart-alecky, which is a striking combination in my book.

Plus, he's one guy who's not afraid to look silly, with or without a point. See his videos, they're not for sourpusses. Since he aspires to be a satirist--at least that's what I get from his writings--a predisposition to outrageous behavior to send up whatever gets his fancy is a good place to start. Though he's gone over to the dark side by writing paid posts (hee-haw!), I hope he doesn't lose his prickly bent, because it's a welcome equalizer in a blogworld swimming in “let's-all-join-hands-and-levitate” earnestness and smarm. An astringent voice is a blast of fresh air any time. Coy can take care of the friendliness, Paolo can do the snark. Between them, cool is the word for Pinoy vlogging.

PLUS: Speaking of video wizards (thanks, Beektur!):

Grade-A editing skills + Twisted imagination = Killer Trailer


lateralus said...

You put the uck in what the fuck?! haha

gibbs cadiz said...

as i had expected you would say, BENJ, haha. welcome back. :)

Paolo Mendoza said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
CokskiBlue said...

Waw. Thanks for the support, Gibbs. :D

We pretty much have similar advocacies. I'm glad that the craft we love is slowly gaining ground here in the blogosphere.

Thanks for the opportunity you gave to many bloggers. I'll definitely continue supporting theater and doing vlogs on it.

God Bless! :D

joelmcvie said...

Gibbs, talaga bang i-plug ang aking tour-de-farce? HAHAHAHAHA! Pero seriously, salamat.

Mukhang ako rin, walang balak lumipat sa Wordpress. I actually enjoy and prefer Blogger/Blogspot (versus LiveJournal, Friendster and Multiply, at least). I may check out Wordpress, but I refuse to be Wordpressured into it.

(Hahaha! I was just looking for an opportunity to use that pun, mwhehehe.)

Jehzeel Laurente said...

grabe pao.. influencial ka talaga.. nabuhay mo ang khoops blog :P yeah!! hhehehehe

lateralus said...

this was a paid post too, right? Lol

snglguy said...

Maybe it's about time you get yourself a domain, padi.

gibbs cadiz said...

PAO, behave! :)

COY! siempre, kaw pa. :)

MCVIE, a masterpiece like that should be seen far and wide, o ha! :)

JEHZEEL, haha, di naman. but salamat for the comment. :)

BENJ, behave ka din! :)

SNGLGUY, padi, i do have a domain it's currently redirected to this blogspot site. di pa ako marunong mag-wordpress e. :)

sephthedreamer said...

gibbs, now i've seen everything hahaha.

lateralus said...

It astounds me how people who are supposedly "good" bloggers kid themselves into thinking that they are worth something in the real world. It's funny, really.

I can leave blogging and I'll still be more than ten times more successful than you in MANY OTHER THINGS I'M GOOD AT. Loser.


Gibbs, hopefully, you'll adopt meritocracy soon.

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