Wednesday, December 12, 2007

And the nominees are...

The year's about to end, which means it's time for me to prepare my annual "Best of Theater" roundup. Been doing this since 2005--my own way of remembering the good performances and good productions offered for the year by our typically overworked, underpaid and largely unappreciated theater practitioners.

I've got a proposal: While I've pretty much drawn up a preliminary list of people and shows to cite, I'd like to ask you to contribute your two-cents' worth on this. I may not agree with your choices, and they may not affect my final list in any way, but that should be okay, right? We can always disagree with each other agreeably. The point is to be able to remember and to give credit where credit is due.

Who do you think should be cited this year for outstanding stage performances, and which productions should merit commendation? I'm looking for names (and reason/s why they should be considered) for Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Featured (Supporting) Actor and Actress in both musical and straight play categories, as well as nominees for Best Play (one-act and two-act) and Best Musical.

All local productions, I should add (whether English- or Filipino-language), so "Peter Pan" from Hong Kong doesn't count.

Never mind if you've not seen most of the productions; I'll take care of that, since as you can see on the sidebar under "The Watch List," I've done my homework by taking time to watch nearly everything of consequence that played on a stage in Manila in 2007, even those mounted by amateur, community or campus-based drama groups.

What I'd like to see by inviting your input here is opinion, argument, discernment in aid of merit. The idea that the efforts of at least some of our theater talents (the good ones, obviously) should not be forgotten just like that, but should get rightful recognition and encouragement from us who've had the chance to enjoy their gifts. We can replay movies anytime on our DVD players. Plays and musicals, alas, exist only in our fickle memory once the curtain goes down.

So, here goes: From the local shows you've seen in 2007, who and which deserve to be cited in a yearend "Best of Theater" list, and why?

Tell us here, and if I like your comment (take note, even if I may disagree with your choices), you win a Christmas gift from me--something I bought (with Euros, aargh!) from the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam.

Speak up, don't be shy!


Hilda said...

Best play: Tanghalang Pilipino's Insiang

Dark, dreary, funny, sad, pathetic, angry. The actors all performed so marvelously that they elicited from me all the emotions that they go through during the course of the play. Chris Millado's control was tight—and I mean that in a good way. Mario O'Hara brought his script seamlessly into the present (I never watched the movie, I'm afraid, but I didn't feel like I was watching a decades-old story). And the set and lighting design evoked the claustrophobia and squalor of the slums.

I don't normally like watching drama because the emotions just wring me out. But with this play, the emotional fatigue I felt was all worth it.

Benj said...


Jett Pangan FTW!!!

amateur misanthrope said...

Do you have a worst list?

Moorauder said...

BEstplay straight: insiang
best musical: pilipinas circa 1907

Moorauder said...

best actress straight play :shenlee vee gener (insiang)
best actress musical: yna feleo (pilipinas circa 1907)

gibbs cadiz said...

HILDA, thanks! great choice and great input. :)

BENJ, haha, okay, i got that. :)

MISANTHROPE, yeah, that's easy to do. :)

MOORAUDER, excellent choices, thanks. :)

rody vera said...

my two cents worth:

Mailes kanapi for Insiang

musical: Cathy asanza (did i get that right?) as cinderella for Into the Woods

lovely and nes (missed their surnames! damn it) for ellas inosentes

lallie bucoy for best one act play

best child actor (meron ka bang ganun, gibbs? hehe) -- that spunky girl from Mga Obra ni Maestra -- anime play by Niel de Mesa. forgot her name , (damn --twice.)

lateralus said...

Give Art the award for Punctuality as well. Haha

Mike said...

I'd like to nominate Wenah Nagales and Bong Cabrera for Pilipinas Circa 1907,for they are not just actors, but they are actually actors who can sing.

Insiang production should get an award din.

AikenDion said...

Ibibigay ko din kay Bong Cabrera at Wenah Nagales ang love team of the year award... kung meron man? Nakakakilig silang dalawa sa Pilipinas Circa 1907. Kinikilig pa rin ako until now. :) someday makakapartner ko yang bong na yan. hehehe

gibbs cadiz said...

RODY, great choices all! :)

BENJ, haha, tama! were they 15 minutes late? :)

MIKE, got that, thanks. :)

AIKENDION, you too, huh? :)

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