Saturday, December 22, 2007

Go, Charice!

Charice Pempengco on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Amazing.


Quentin X said...

Fantastic voice.

Anonymous said...

she needs diction lessons

Anonymous said...

i don't major in phonetics but i think her diction is good. she delivers very well.

patrick said...

brava! =)

GO Charice!!

daniel palma tayona said...

i wonder, will charice go the way of josephine "banig" roberto - the wondergirl of the late 80's when she won these singing contests and got to sing in arsenio hall's show? she was the toast of the town for her being a small singing dynamo. but after a few years and now living in the u.s., the burning question begs to be answered - where is she?

i do hope charice doen't become a repeat of history.

p.s. i like charice better in the korean show. she was more cute and bubbly. when she appeared with degeneres, strangely, she sounded more "oriental" rather than filipino.


vic said...

m not impressed.

Calling Cheri Gil.

Paki-sabuyan nga ng mainit na salabat

vic said...

Si Banig ba,

Ano na sya..err.

Doormat na siya sa bahay nina A.Pangilinan.

Di ba pa pisil pisil pa sa cheeks si Angie sa TV Special noon.

Orocan talaga ang game

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