Monday, December 03, 2007

A question, then a pause

The text message woke me up from the dead at 8 a.m. “Darating daw si Gael, pinapa-interview sa akin. Gusto mo ikaw na lang?

Gael, as in Gael Garcia Bernal. The hot, hot Mexican star of “Amores Perros,” “El Crimen del Padre Amaro,” “Y Tu Mama Tambien,” “Bad Education,” “The Motorcycle Diaries.” No shit, I said. Where when how--gimme the lowdown dammit! But my colleague had scant details to share. The actor was reportedly swinging by Manila to shoot a scene for his latest movie. Specific date, time and place to follow.

Was it a bum rumor? A week later someone said Gael was in Subic, not in Manila. But more reliable sources said he was never slated to drop by the Philippines. Ay caramba! And I had began watching all his movies again just so I could appear more knowledgeable when I finally faced him. Hmp. I'm waiting, Gael.

Which reminds me of this story about hotshot Hollywood producer Brian Grazer, whose blockbuster credits include, among others, “Eight Mile,” “A Beautiful Mind” and “The Da Vinci Code.” “One of the most successful producers in Hollywood,” as the New York Times describes him, Mr. Grazer has a quirk worth emulating:

“For the last 20 years, Mr. Grazer has met each week with a person who is an expert in science, medicine, politics, fashion, religion--anything other than entertainment. He is so serious about the meetings that he has a staff member whose job it is to find interesting people... The weekly get-togethers have led to some of Mr. Grazer’s most successful ideas. After meeting with five of the top trial lawyers in the country, Mr. Grazer came up with the idea for 'Liar Liar.' 'Eight Mile' came about because he had met Chuck D, the lead singer for Public Enemy, and Slick Rick, a rapper from the 1980s. A meeting with a former F.B.I. agent, Christopher Whitcomb, led to 'The F.B.I.,' a new show for Fox.”

Of course, he can invite big names over to dinner because he's Mr. Hollywood Producer. Wish I had the same clout so I could ask somebody like El Gael to scoot over just like that without my having to line up for a crummy 15-minute interview. And Nelson Mandela, Oprah, Mother Teresa--wait, she's dead, and I'm not in a beauty pageant. Maybe Antonio Trillanes for starters, so I could ask him: “What were you thinking?!”

If you were in Mr. Grazer's shoes, whom would you invite for a chat? Aver.

PS. You must have noticed the spurt of new entries. That's because I'll be taking a week-long blogging break. Forced, really. Am off on a work-related trip to Amsterdam, and as usual, I'm not sure if I can blog from there given our schedule. Sex Museum, here I come! Ooops. Van Gogh Museum pala, ahehe. See y'all next week!


Quentin X said...

Don't worry about the interview. Just invite to a photo shoot for DNA Magazine. Okay, that's a bit high brow. What about a location shoot from one of then porn companies: Falcon, Bel Ami, or Men at Play?

AJ of said...

omg! sana tuloy! pictures pictures!

Have a safe and happy amsterdam-ing! Pasalubong naman ng isang Dane diyan :)

Rudy said...

Holland? Hey maybe you can have a chat Joma and company over Dutch beer while you're there, hehe. :-D Have a safe trip.

Oh and I'll probably invite Trillanes so can smack him for being a yellow belly...


cant_u_read said...

If you were in Mr. Grazer's shoes, whom would you invite for a chat? Aver.

the Belami boys. no doubt.

fruityoaty said...

I've seen him relatively close up in person. HE IS SO INCREDIBLY HOT!!! He was in Toronto promoting his film "The Motorcycle Diaries" at a Film Festival here.

Actually, he's been popping up every September for the last few years at that festival... regularly, it seems.

He answered a few audience questions. Very nice dude. Very articulate. And did I mention HOTTTTTTTTTT?

Massa P @

gibbs cadiz said...

QUENTIN, yeah, bel ami, haha! :)

AJ, see ya before christmas! ay, me party pala tayo. :)

RUDY, see, i did think of joma while i was in amsterdam. :)

RYE, ikaw din? dami na natin nakapila a, haha! :)

MASSA, haha, next time he shows in your part of town, make sure you get an autograph and a kiss! :)

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