Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Si Nura o si Velma?

Awat muna sa cheter, time to have some holiday fun!

Are you a Noranian or a Vilmanian? Younger generations weaned on Judy Ann and Jolina would find the question quaint. But not the movie fans (and who isn't in this country?) who grew up in the '70s and early '80s, the heyday of the Guy-Vi idolatry.

Back then, hordes of Nora and Vilma diehards would literally come to blows to defend and advance the cause of their respective idols--a kind of fever that has not been seen since in local show-biz, not even in the succeeding era of Sharon Cuneta and Maricel Soriano.

My mom was a staunch Vilmanian, which meant she had to keep tabs on Nora as well. One weekend, while my father was giving me a haircut, Mama let out a shriek. That was a big thing, because my mother hardly ever raised her voice. Startled, my father asked what it was. "Nag-anak na si Nora! Lalaki! (Nora gave birth to a boy!)," answered my mother breathlessly, reading from the newspaper.

There it was, the front-page story of Bulletin Today (now The Manila Bulletin), complete with a picture of the baby Kristoffer Ian. Relieved, my father, who was never into show-biz, berated my mother for her undue excitement. "Paghuna ko kun nano na" (rough translation: "That's it?"), he snorted, adding that he almost cut off my ear when she yelped. Ugh.

Nora and Vilma, Vilma and Nora. The two most-awarded and most enduring stars of Philippine movies. Once upon a time, in their teeny-bopper years, they also cut music albums aside from starring in movies and television. Singing, of course, came naturally to Nora, who had kick-started her superstardom by winning in "Tawag ng Tanghalan." It was infinitely harder for Vilma, who couldn't sing if her life depended on it. But warble she must, if she had to go toe-to-toe with her fiercest rival. So she also released her own albums.

Both of them would record their own take on the Jackson 5 Christmas hit, "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus." Who knew the clips would become a huge cult hit on the Internet nearly 40 years later?

Listen to them below and take your pick. Who's got the better version, Ate Guy or Ate Vi? 'Wag lang tumawa, vote nuh! (Finger pointing upwards.)

Here's Nora:

Here's Vilma:

(Thanks, AJ, for the clips!)


beektur said...

Has anyone else tried playing both at the same time? I did. It was like listening to Nora and a chipmunk. ;) As far as acting, I think both actresses had their peak from the mid-70s to the mid-80s. After that, they became their respective best--therefore worst-- impersonations. Kaya, mabuhay si Hilda, Amy at Chanda! Wala lang.

vincedejesus said...
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vincedejesus said...

Parang nag-aral si ate guy ng ingles kay ate vi.
At si ate vi naman nag-aral ng boses kay ate guy.

He didn't see me CREP,
Down my bed to have a PEP
She TOWT that I was stuck up in my
bedroom fast ASLIP."

Panalo ito. Classic.

j.b.m.s. said...

ate guy's better. kahit sa ingles. :)

btw, tau talagang mga pinoy nakakatawa at mapintas. but we filipinos have a very distinct english accent kahit ung iba ayaw umamin & maraming pinoy na TH pagdating dyan. ha-ha.

anyway, even our so-called elite english broadcasters or many of the self- styled na magagaling na english speakers marami ring slips sa pronunciation/ accents.

si ricky carandang lang among the local media personalities ang papasa kung papakinggan mo lang. :)

& bakit kaya marami sa atin kinakausap mo na ng tagalog, ingles pa rin ang sagot bulol naman? he-he

chuva said...

Hahaha!! Nakaklowka to! Thanks for sharing. Ang difference lang ng kanta, yung Claus ng Santa Claus.

Kay ate vi - - CLOSED.

Kay ate guy - - KLAWS...


chuvaness said...

HAHAHA. bloghopped here from chuva. i like ate vi's version. sobrang swak na swak sa xmas season...pambata. hahaha

Na-LSS tuloy ako sa SANTA CLOSED! andernet the misel toe last nigh!

Jego said...

Vilma, hands down. Although akala ko kay Ate Guy si Tirso? E bakit sabi niya, "... down the stairs to have a Pip"?

La Pomme said...

I've had Ate Vi's version in my computer forever, passed on by Tara Sering! Listen to it whenever I need a giggle. "...I was tuckled in my bed..." "Underneath his berd so smowly hed..." Panalo si Ate Vi!

MANDAYA MOORE: Ang bayot sa bukid said...


please lang, hanapin mo rin ang silver bells duet ni alice dixson and carmi martin

Anonymous said...

Fantastic post. I sent this to all my friends. I had to transcribe the lyrics for some, and here is my best attempt at doing justice to both.

I sow Mommy kissing Santa Klaus
Underneadth the mizzle tow last night.
She deedent see me creep
Down the stairs to have a piip
She thought that I was stak up in my bedroom
Fast asleep.

Then I sow Mommy ti-kel Santa Klaus
Underneadth his beard so snowy why
What a loff it would hav been
If Dodi had only seen
Mommy kissing Santa Klaus last night.

What a laff it would have been
If Daddy had only seen
Mommy kissing Santa Klaus last night.

Ay so Mami kissing Santa Clow
Undernit the meesel toe las nay
She deeden se me krip
Down the stairs to have pip
She Thought that I was tuckled in my bedroom
Fas a slip

Den I so Mami tee-kel Santa Clows
Under knee these birds so smolly head
What a fi it could have bin
If Daddy had only sin
Mami kissing Santa Clows las nigh.

O what a fi it could have bin
If Daddy had only sin
Mami kissing Santa Clows las nigh.

Ralph P

aryo said...

Hahaha! Natuwa mga tao dito sa office nung marinig ang soundtrip ko.

gayngame said...

klaws and klows. hahaha. alin ba mas tama?

pag pinoy, klaws.

pag pa sosi, klows.


Imladris said...

Team Nora all the way! Vilma's voice is coquettish but the diction is horrible! TH in singing, just like the acting.. =)

Had a good laugh listening to both, thanks.

Keyser said...

I'm listening to it now (Nora's).

Not bad. Though Nora's rendition sounds like it's gonna fade into Tiny Bubbles at the end of every line.

Now I'm listening to Vilma's.


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