Sunday, January 06, 2008

Do long-distance relationships work?

You tell me. Never been into such a set-up, though I have friends who are into it and who say they're doing okay, big phone bills and all.

For the Fabcasters' first podcast for 2008, Mcvie, Migs, Tony, CC, AJ and I were joined by Tenchu, who's currently worrying himself sick over the fate of his love affair. He and his partner have been on for only four months, and now The One is leaving for a one-year study grant in Australia.

Not as open-and-shut a case as I'm putting it, of course. Sabi nga ni Migs after one big revelation, “The plot thickens!” Anyway, Tenchu just wanted to hear what we had to say about his dilemma: Should he continue the relationship or not, and if he does, how should he handle it? Over wine, leftover Christmas grub, much okrayan and laughter, he got an earful and more.

By the way, the top-notch production values of our podcasts are courtesy of McVie, who's done a really fab job with the OBB (opening billboard). Plus, in this podcast, he's used a lot of excerpts from the music CDs I gave him and a few other friends. Beeyutiful! Go on, hit Play.

Part 1: (Where Migs snorts, “It's the shape of things to come!”)

Download this episode (right click and save)

Part 2: (Where more, ahem, interesting details come out)

Download this episode - PART 2 (right click and save)

Part 3: (Where AJ drops the anvil and lowers the boom)

Download this episode - PART 3 (right click and save)

PLUS: Dad helps gay son come out after listening to Troikasters! Not exaggerating, folks, this really happened, and are we glad about it. We recently got this heartwarming e-mail from an MGG reader telling us the story. (Actual quote: “Mas napamahal sa akin ngayon ang aking anak at mas naiintindihan ko ang mga nasa loob niya.”) I'll have more thoughts about this in a subsequent post, but for now let me say to the brave dad: You rock. Thank you for your example. Trust me, your son will do you proud.

Now excuse me while I cry.


paolomendoza said...

*gives tissue to gibbs*

the plot thickens.. will wait for next post

gibbs cadiz said...

PAO, you should join our next podcast--on cool straight guys, haha! :)

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