Monday, January 28, 2008

Happy time with Happy Slip, part 2

Christine Gambito, wrapping up her interview with the folks in a separate function room of the St. Francis Square showroom, turned around and saw us.

“Hey, you're up next,” she said. “I haven't forgotten you.”

Just like that, and Coy melted again.

Okay, I'm exaggerating, but just a tiny bit. After having said our “Hi's” to Happy Slip and eaten into lunch, Coy aka Cokskiblue and I were very excited to finally have our up-close-and-personal moment with the vlogging superstar. But we had to wait for everybody else to finish their interviews before we could have our own. A couple of reporters from another newspaper had suggested earlier that we do a group chat with Christine. Nah, we said politely. We wanted something exclusive for us and for our blogger friends.

So we waited, until we were the only ones left. Yes, Coy and I were the last guests to interview Happy Slip. And what a dream interview it turned out to be--not least because Christine was knee-slappingly goofy, voluble, witty, a bundle of amazing energy even with jet lag and all.

And a real trouper, too. Before she faced our camera she shrieked, “Ohmigod, something's stuck in my tooth! I did all those interviews with something stuck in my tooth!”

Then, totally unself-consciously, she cleaned her teeth and fixed herself before a compact mirror--while we were there staring at her. “I'm such a nerd,” she said afterwards, smiling sweetly. By this time, Coy's face was positively aglow, as if he had seen the Transfiguration.

The interview itself? “A whole 11 minutes of pure fun and laughter,” as Coy would put it. I happily played cameraman while the Cokskiblue grabbed the chance to gab with Happy Slip on-cam. Congratulations, by the way, to the five v/bloggers whose questions Happy Slip got to answer: JM, Marhgil, XienahGirl, Kring and Aajao. Guess what? Your questions were the only ones we talked about mostly, since Coy and I thought that all the preceding interviews and TV spots had basically covered everything else about Christine's visit to the Philippines.

Maiba naman, so why not begin with JM's bombshell of a question: “Where did you get that gigantic diamond ring in 'Contagious'?”

Watch Happy Slip get stumped for a second before letting out a yelp!

Enjoy the rest of the interview in the following two-part video (expertly put together, as usual). And watch out for the last few magical seconds. The cab fare we paid going to and from the venue: P200+. The look on Cokskiblue's face as Happy Slip gave her an unexpected hug: Priceless.

[P.S. The hug, she said, was also for everyone. Aww.]

(The Happy Slip Meet & Greet happens on February 7, Thursday, 11 a.m.-3 p.m., at Mag:net Café, Bonifacio High Street, Taguig City. Go.)

PLUS: Happy time with Happy Slip, Part 1


Coy said...

Haha! Priceless nga! That hug was totally unexpected. Nawala ang concentration ko. LOL.

It was great experiencing this with you man. Salamat talaga! :)

palma tayona said...

sinipon ako sa katatawa sa interbyu ninyo ni coksiblue kay happy slip. isa siyang babaeng may rubberband na mukha. aliw. witty and pretty.

at tulad ng dati, huli pa rin ako sa balita. kinailangan ko pang i-research sa net kung sino si happy slip :-(

palakpak! palakpak!

Mark Xander said...

Hey buddy, hope you don't mind, I just tagged you. ;)

Direct link:

gibbs cadiz said...

COY, ayos lang tol! haha. :)

PALMA TAYONA, salamat, salamat! now that you've seen her other vids, you're hooked as well, right? :)

MARK, no problem, left a comment in your blog. :)

aajao said...

hi gibbs. Thanks for making that interview possible. great job you did, you & coy!

cheers! 8)

archilles76 said...

kakainggit naman!!! great job!

beektur said...

di ko gets ang fascination about her. but if it is about the power of blog/vlog for self-promotion she is up there with 80% of the self-made net personalities. (make that 80.265). humor? some. ingenuity? hmmm. promoter of philippine tourism? her reaction to the isaw question is too cute and borders between patronizing and condescending. in the end, i guess it's the same fascination given to tourists and pinoy-am celebrities. but that's just me. said...

Hi Gibbs. I had so much fun watching the video and hope that you vlog more. Cheers!

SexyMom said...

lucky you! and great job, everyone!

Hilda said...

She's so cute and so funny, I'd fall in love with her in a minute.

And the ending of the second part, with the guitar, is just adorable. =D

gibbs cadiz said...

COY, anytime, man. :)

DANIEL, tsalamat! :)

MARK, left a comment on your blog, be patient, buddy. :)

AAJAO, thanks, man. :)

ARCHILLES76, hehe, hope you'll make it to her meet n greet. :)

BEEKTUR, have you watched her vids? you should. :)

JANETTE, salamat! si coy talaga ang vlogger, sort-of enabler lang ako dito, haha! :)

DINE, hi, glad to see ya here again, and thanks. :)

HILDA, yep, cute and funny, indeed! the guitar track at the end--coy's touch, as usual. :)

Anonymous said...

bakit "not found" daw pag click ko yung Happy Time with HappySlip part 1 na link mo? kakalungkot naman.. :-(

gibbs cadiz said...

ANONYMOUS, hi, sorry about that, fixed the link na. thanks for calling my attention to it. enjoy! :)

kidkumag said...

“Where did you get that gigantic diamond ring in 'Contagious'?”

the humongous diamond ring was first seen in happyslip's "Plop and Shop"


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