Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Join me?

My play-going schedule this weekend:

1. Saturday 8 p.m. -- PETA's Skin-Deep, at the PETA Theater Center, Quezon City.

2. Sunday, 3 p.m. -- Repertory Philippines' Hamlet, at Onstage, Greenbelt 1, Makati City.

Since I'm allowed to bring a companion to each of these shows, I'd like to offer the opportunity once again to bloggers who are interested to experience local theater and watch our theater artists in action. (Friends need not apply--you can very well pay for your own tickets, buddies!)

Preference goes to those who've not had the chance to join me in my previous play-going. The usual fine print applies: Just blog about the show afterwards in whatever way you like. Choose which play you'd like to watch with me (double-check the schedule, please) and buzz me at First-come, first-served, of course. Don't forget to leave your contact number.

See you this weekend.

[Photos: Jojit Lorenzo]


kablog said...

Grabe, buhay na buhay ang theatre sa Pilipinas! Love it! Thanks nga pala sa pag-daan mo sa blog ko! Cheers!

watson said...

Gibbs! Kumusta rin! Ok naman ako. Last December, we watched Avenue Q sa RCBC Plaza! It was a blast. We enjoyed it so much that we have the soundtrack in our music players.

Looking forward to more plays! Inaabangan ko rin kung ano meron sa Greenbelt 1 because that's accessible to me. So Hamlet na pala sa Greenbelt? Abangan ko review mo! Sayang, I go home to Baguio on weekends kasi. Nice sana manood ng weekend.

Inaabangan namin ang Cinderella starring our very own Lea Salonga sa mid-year

Rey said...

Hey Gibbs, bring me!!! hehe...

Kidding aside, I really want to experience local theater. i haven't been that fortunate when I was in the Philippines. And since I enjoyed the plays I watched here in Esplanade with most actors being singaporeans, I think I will enjoy more the Philippine plays, noting that we are one of the better actors and singers in the region.

TheBachelorGirl said...

Hi Gibbs,

Wonderful endeavor as usual. May I make a slight correction though? The Hamlet matinee is at 3.30pm.

And, if you would kindly allow me, may I please give a shout out re my block of Hamlet tickets?

Date: 16 February 2008 (Saturday)
Time: 8pm
Venue: OnStage at Greenbelt 1

To purchase tickets, please call the Ticketworld Head Office at 891.9999 and buy from the block Code: Hamlet-LL (so that you’re eligible for the raffle). Ticketworld outlets are in major National Bookstore branches, Ayala Malls and Robinsons Malls.

Glaiza said...

Hi sir Gibbs, just dropping by. :) I was at the Hamlet press preview yesterday. I thought I knew Hamlet, but this play shocked me--in a good way, of course. :) The promotional pics are awesome too!

Jepoy said...

Regrets... regrets. Didn't know about this till yesterday. Saw some of the promo posters. Astig ung photographer.

Tsk tsk. Note to self: Get out of the the four corners of the office and look more for life outside the real world.

gibbs cadiz said...

JAKE, sayang wala ka dito, para mas masaya, hehe. :)

WATSON, go watch hamlet, pati na din ang skin-deep ng peta. worth staying in manila for the weekend. :)

REY: "we are one of the better actors and singers in the region." sinabi mo! hehe. lemme know when you're in manila, pag me chance i'll bring you with me.:)

LORNA, hi, thanks for the correction and the announcements. and thanks for supporting local theater by buying shows. mabuhay ka! :)

GLAIZA, glad you liked the play! that should warm the hearts of rep people--and jojit, the very talented photog/poster artist. :)

JEPOY! welcome to the site! i know, me promise pa ako to bring you guys to theater. darating tayo diyan, soon! :)

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