Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Go to...

...Glorietta or Gateway, where Endo is on its last day today. Skip this outstanding Cinemalaya film, and you've missed one of the best movies of 2007. Jade Castro's subtle, bittersweet film about thwarted love and thwarted hopes features revelatory performances by Ina Feleo (2007 Cinemalaya Best Actress) and, especially, Jason Abalos, who shows fine dramatic mettle in his indie debut. Like its main character, the film is coiled, quiet, deliberate, which makes Abalos' torrent of words near the end, when he finally finds the wherewithal to express everything he has locked in, a truly cathartic moment.

For theater buffs like me, Endo offers the added kick of seeing familiar stage thespians Angeli Bayani, Bong Cabrera and Mailes Kanapi do small but solid supporting turns. You have to watch Mailes silently mouth "puta" in a crucial scene in the movie. Small gesture perfectly played.

...Robinson's Galleria, where Joselito Altarejos' gay indie film Ang Lihim ni Antonio is also on its last day. A well-made and well-acted coming-of-age story, though it treads rather well-worn paths, and, personally, I'd have preferred a less tragic ending. Aargh, I'm so tired of gay movies that drown in angst and so self-consciously take ourselves so seriously. It's the post-Ma Vie En Rose/Maximo Oliveros era, people. Let's lighten up.

Which is not to say that Altarejos' movie isn't worth watching. It is--principally for its clean, confident storytelling, the interesting way it creates and shapes locale (the film showcases Marikina not just as a vibrant city, but as an essential part of its main character's life and emotional journey), and the capable acting by newbie Kenji Garcia. Capable, however, is too puny a word to describe the performance of Shamaine Centenera Buencamino as Garcia's sturdy but lonely mother. She is, as usual, grade-A.

...Gateway ulit, because Paul Thomas Anderson's There Will Be Blood is showing there exclusively. (Boo to the distributor!) Three words: Daniel Day-Lewis. Plus an epic unlike anything you've seen before (awesome's the word for the soundtrack alone). The meandering last third of this audacious movie is open to carping, but everything before it is stunning. Go catch it before it's gone.


beektur said...

kabadingan na naman?! hehehe

joelmcvie said...

gibbs cadiz said... haha, nagmental telepathy ba tayo that we posted nearly the same stuff on the same day pa? eerie! :)

Oo nga eh! Naloka nga ako when I saw your post about three films. Siguro practice na ito for Gablog. =)

gibbs cadiz said...

BEEKTUR, sinabi mo. :)

JOEL, anunangaba nangyari sa Gablog plan natin, haha. :)

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