Thursday, February 14, 2008

The great Valentine mash-up

Sunday: Lisa Macuja and Ballet Manila performing Romeo and Juliet in Trinoma. Couldn't tell if they performed the entire ballet or just excerpts, but the highlights were there, including the ravishing balcony scene pas de deux, or whatever they formally call that sequence. Heroic work by everyone, considering the cramped, tarp-covered stage. Happily, there was a sizeable crowd all the way to the third floor appreciating the free show, including lots and lots of kids.

Monday: Butch Dalisay listens to Sana'y Wala Nang Wakas! He said so himself in his latest Philippine Star column. (“I’ve never been an iPod freak, and have been quite happy with a one-gig Shuffle that I keep tethered to the car radio, containing all the 250 songs I truly ever want to hear, from Dein Ist Mein Ganzes Herz to Sana’y Wala Nang Wakas.”) Ask me what the most romantic Pinoy song is, and this Willy Cruz masterpiece is on top of my list. (Dein Ist Mein Ganzes Herz? Go listen to Placido Domingo's version in the original Three Tenors concert to know what Mr. Dalisay is talking about.)

Tuesday: Was browsing through my old ArtsJournal e-mails and read something about scientists offering various hypotheses on why 18th-century Stradivarius violins seem to sound better than anything else made before or since. Long winters that slowed the growth of spruce trees in Stradivari's time, said one. Borax, said another--used to treat the wood. Fiddle-dee, fiddle-duh.

Thursday: Lisa Macuja, Sana'y Wala Nang Wakas, violins. What's the probability of these three elements coming together in one sublime moment? Hmmm. How about this--the country's prima ballerina dancing to Sana'y Wala Nang Wakas as played (entrancingly) on the violin by Zambales-based virtuoso Coke Bolipata?

Something different for Valentine, eh? Remembered this clip and unearthed it from my baul of moldering VHS tapes (now transferred to DVD, though the quality is rather shot, haay) of long-ago TV musical specials. This one is from a one-night-only show by Ayala Corp. and ABS-CBN called The Music of Dreams. Watch.


bbr said...

and today is valentine's day

Happy Valentine's day, Gibbs!

dak said...

happy red day gibbs!

Butch Dalisay said...

hi, gibbs--i've never minded telling people that i'm a big sharon fan; i listen to her 25th anniversary album all the time :) call me sappy, but those canseco and valera songs hit you somewhere raw.

wanderingcommuter said...

napadaan po...sayang hindi ko naabutan. tsk!

drei said...

Hey, I love reading stuff from Mr. Dalisay! Especially his early Barfly essays :)

I have a compilation of classics played by Bolipata, and everything's simply great. I was also lucky enough to meet Coke personally in the famous Bolipata house in Zambales during an exhibit opening :)

gibbs cadiz said...

BBR, same to you! :)

DAK, hey, kaw din, hope to see ya again soon! :)

SIR BUTCH, an honor to have you here. yep, the canseco songbook especially is a national treasure. :)

WANDERING COMMUTER, uh, naabutan which one?

DREI, haha, kaw din? i used to collect his barfly columns from Today! :)

beektur said...

nabasa ko minsan na pumunta si macuja sa mga probinsiya para dalhin ang ballet niya. sumayaw sila sa mga plaza, sa mga palaruan ng basketbol, sa mga daan. nanood ang mga batang punit-punit ang damit, mga binata at dalagang nakatsinelas, mga bunging lolo at lola, mga tambay, sugarol, mga magbobote, naglalako ng tsakoy at taho. pumunta sila sa catanduanes, napanood ng mga kababayan ko at minsan, nagkaroon sila ng karanasan na kasing lakas ng madalas na dumaang bagyo. minsan nagkaroon sila ng ala-ala na kasing lagkit ng mga daang alkitran sa mga buwang hindi dumarating ang ulan.

ano man ang sabihin nila tungkol sa sining ni macuja, ano man ang sabihin nila tungkol sa pagsasayaw nila hindi mabubura ang gandang ibinabahagi niya.

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