Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A nation turns its grateful eyes to you

“You looked at him last Thursday and Friday and you had to ask yourself how you would act in his place. Would you be just as willing to come out and tell the world what you knew about a humongous scam, perpetrated by people whose power, individually and collectively, and capacity for murder, metaphorically and literally, are amply in evidence? And when the life and wellbeing not just of yourself but of your children hung in the balance? That is not an easy thing to answer honestly, particularly given a country whose people seem to have lost the capacity to appreciate gestures like that. I personally do not know what I would do...

“[Jun] Lozada did say something last Thursday that stuck in my brain. He could only hope, he said, that his fellow Filipinos would not let his gesture go to waste. He himself has been weighed and found the right measure. Tinimbang ka, at tamang sukat.

“How will we be found when we are weighed?”

-- Conrado de Quiros, “Profile in Courage”

[Photo: Edwin Bacasmas/Philippine Daily Inquirer]


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but I am not grateful for Lozada. How in the world are we sure that he is indeed telling the truth? He's a politician. Period. You know how politicians in this part of the world are, if they don't get a cut, they tell a story. I never believed him because in the first place, he told of a story he was forcefully taken from the airport when the surveillance camera showed no such thing. The agent behind him was even following him carrying his bags. What a fake.

Anonymous said...

Lozada is an engineer, not a politician.

paolomendoza said...

Abalos.. is that you? =P

Anonymous said...

He's an engineer alright. But he's also a politician. Good grief, are you people ****?

So if Biazon is a retired general, then becomes a senator, what is he? an officer or a politician. Get a grip of yourselves. Lozada is still in the politics circle. They are all the same. All liars, all corrupts. That's how they are, if they don't get cuts, kick backs, commissions, they retaliate like hell... those are millions they are talking about.
Open your eyes. sheesh.

Anonymous said...

The problem with some Filipinos is that they only hear what they want to hear. They really want to find something against the government. Truth: our government's not at all perfect. But can't you all stop drawing conclusions before things are proven?

That's why this country is getting nowhere. nuf said.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with anonymous 1. While I admire Lozada's guts to turn his back on such powerful people, I have to take his words with a grain of salt. More cynical I am with the senators who are, kuno, protecting him and investigating the issue, in aid of legislation daw (my foot!). Look people, let's not be all too naive here, sino sa mga senators na mga ito ang mga endi nangurakot o nangungurakot!? Come on, so you think I can trust the likes of Panfilo Lacson, JINGGOY ESTRADA, Peter Alan Cayetano, CHiz Escudero (sa mga fans ni Chiz, punta kayo sa Sorsogon para makita nyo kung gaano "kagaling" na public servant yang idolo nyo. Sa the way pa lang manalita yan e, alam mo nang peke!), or Manny Villar (papano ba yumaman talga si Manny, magresearch kayo ng maigi, di ba sa pangloloko din?)!?

Inuuto lang kayo ng mga politikong itong mga to, nagpapauto naman kayo. These senators are just grandstanding, media mileage ang habol nyan endi katotohanan! Itong mga trapong ito ang tunay na salot sa lipunan natin. Nag-mo-moro-moro lang ang mga iyan pero lahat yan parte at willing participants sa bulok na sistema ng ating gobyerno natin, i.e. kickbacks and red tape.

And Luzada, I have heard that he spent $600 plus each night in a suite while he was in Hongkong, and has shopped Louis Vuitton worth 200,000!!!

Now tell me can we trust Luzada!?


The problem of corruption is far worse than a lot of people think it is right now. It is deeply rooted in the political system and culture of the country. We need an overhauling of these systems and culture (not to mention our OWN culture of choosing our leaders), not doing some shallow, superficial quick-fixes like rallies, palitan-ang-presidente-tapos-pag-nagkaproblema-palitan-ulit, at kung ano-ano pang bagay na mas gulo lang ang dinadala sa atin. And how to overhaul the aforementioned? YAN ANG magandang pag-usapan, especially ng mga elitista dyan na kala mo kung magsalita na sa kanila na lhat ng solusyon ala na man ginagawa na konkreto para sa bayan puro lang datdat (marami sa mga ito tumatambay sa blog ni Manolo Quezon). Yan pag-usapan nyo para naman may maganda man lang kayong magawa para sa bansa natin. Let's remember that dull people talk about people, while smart people talk about ISSUES and IDEAS!


Anonymous said...


Diyan kayo magaling: sa daldal. But do you actually do anything to help guard the truth in this country? Do you march in the streets to protest injustice? Do you go out of your way to fight for what is right?

Here you are pontificating in the comforts of your air-conditioned homes, talking like you know Lozada, proclaiming hopelessness, accepting defeat without even giving up a fight. Lozada is not being hailed as a hero --- he is merely a face behind the truth. Who hasn't sinned? My goodness! Kung ganito nang ganito ang attitude ninyong lahat umalis na lang kayong lahat ng Pilipinas at iwan ninyo sa Pilipinas ang mga taong nagmamalasakit sa bansa at naniniwalang may pag-asa pa ang Pilipino at ang Pilipinas.

Basta ako, pumunta ako sa Makati kahapon. At pupunta ako sa La Salle ngayon to attend the mass for truth. Mag-malling na lang kayo sa Trinoma while other conscienticized Filipinos continue the fight for truth. Pag nagbunga ang pakikipaglaban na ito i'm sure makikinabang din naman kayo.


gibbs cadiz said...

ANONYMOUS: first: lozada is not a politician, unless you have a different definition of the word. he has never run for public office, has not won in an election. he is an engineer, a technocrat. citing biazon is a false analogy. biazon was a general who, after retirement, ran for senator. that made him a politician. what's your basis for saying lozada is one, too? only your perception?

two: lozada has been accused of all things on the senate floor, but no one, but no one so far (you may review the transcripts/video) has ever imputed that he had something to gain financially from the ZTE contract. no one, but no one, has said that he told his story now only because he, to use your phrase, "didn't get a cut." so what's your basis for saying so? only your perception?

three: you say his abduction from the airport, the fact that he was driven around for 5 hours by men he didn't know and who didn't know what their mission was (have you listened to mascarinas' and razon's answers?), the fact that he was made to sign statements while in the custody of the police--you say this was nothing out of the ordinary and lozada had nothing to fear for his life. well, then, this is easy. if you're saying that this was nothing out of the ordinary, that lozada had nothing to worry about, i challenge you: would you trade places with lozada? since you imply that everyone is getting hysterical over nothing, let's see you go through everything that lozada has gone through. you wouldn't mind us wishing you the same fate, right? we're not being malicious here--after all, it's nothing really, as you said. you've nothing to worry about, the government will actually take good care of you, it's not kidnapping, it's for your security. let's see you entrust your life to atienza, razon, mascarinas, bunye, gonzales, defensor, gma. so how about it? we're waiting.

oh, i forgot. you're anonymous. lozada had the balls to show his face, name names before the camera and risk his life and that of his family for something. you can't even tell us your name.

fourth, and this goes to you, ELI: who says that believing in lozada means believing in lacson, estrada, cayetano, escudero? i don't, i've never believed or voted for these people, but i happen to believe in lozada. i've never bought into escudero's appeal, and i'm from sorsogon! what has one got to do with the other? these politicians are, for all intents and purposes, irrelevant to the main issue. only the most simplistic-minded will link the two together. i repeat: believing lozada doesn't mean siding with lacson, et al. you see the world in black and white, i don't. and if your point is pare-pareho lang sila so there's no use getting angry over all this since everybody steals, what does that make you but an enabler? by your expressed apathy and indifference (though i doubt it is that, since i think your sympathies are really with this administration, and good luck on that), you are complicit in the corruption and venality that happens.

if i may quote your tirade: "kala mo kung magsalita na sa kanila na lhat ng solusyon ala na man ginagawa na konkreto para sa bayan puro lang datdat."

and yet before that you wrote: "The problem of corruption is far worse than a lot of people think it is right now. It is deeply rooted in the political system and culture of the country. We need an overhauling of these systems and culture (not to mention our OWN culture of choosing our leaders), not doing some shallow, superficial quick-fixes like rallies, palitan-ang-presidente-tapos-pag-nagkaproblema-palitan-ulit, at kung ano-ano pang bagay na mas gulo lang ang dinadala sa atin."

wow, that's a mouthful--something that could only come from someone na "kung magsalita na sa kanila na lhat ng solusyon!" the lesson: be careful with your words, they will just impale you.

you too, ANONYMOUS. what was that you said again? "The problem with some Filipinos is that they only hear what they want to hear." buddy, you talking to yourself?

lastly: since you seem to have a lot of angst on this issue and you have much, much more to say about people like us who choose to believe in lozada over atienza, bunye, defensor et al, i've a suggestion: get your own blog and blog to your heart's content. but, and this advice is given with all sincerity--if you really want people to take you and your opinions seriously, start by telling us your real name. it's not that difficult. we're living in the most democratic of times, right?

Anonymous said...

what is there to admire with lozada? he is an obvious tool of the anti arroyo forces. the last 5 yrs has seen efforts to remove GMA from office. they are masterminded by the same religious, civic, social and political forces. year after year, script after script. tama na!

this is just political BS!

vincedj said...


Ang daming opinionated na anonymous dito ah. Marami talagang nagiging matapang kapag nakatago sa hindi pagkakakilanlan. Talaga kayo oh...

"Obvious tool of the anti-arroyo forces?" Hmmm... I've been following the senate hearings but I've never seen Lozada wear a shirt that says: "I AM A TOOL."

beektur said...

i think we are in the danger again of mixing issues with personalities. lozada is neither a hero nor a martyr. he admitted to having executed corrupt and unscrupulous transactions himself, but that does not make his testimonies less true. eventually, these testimonies should not acquit him from future punishments for his own wrongdoings. lozada’s past actions should not acquit the present and continuing corruption of arroyo and her husband.

let the pot call the kettle black; let the kettle answer back. but we should not stop ourselves from recognizing that both kettle and pot are black.

(on the other hand -- the readiness of some people to elevate lozada to a pedestal of heroism or even martyrdom may be a sign of a culture and history desperate for a real hero. it may even be a sign of a misguided population that has lost the true meaning of heroism and martyrdom. on the other hand, it can yet be another symptom of a nation grown too weary and cynical to recognize that yes, there is fanfare in all of these, but this, too is just a passing similar distraction.)

decorator said...

hindi hero si lozada... hindi ko alam kung totoo nga ang lahat ng sinasabi nya... but if you follow the proceedings (sa senado... na of course, may point ka pag sinabi mong BS na 'in aid of legislation' sya, pero ibang topic yun), makikita mo na may umpisa at dulo ang kwento nya... may pinapatunguhan at may nauungkat.

the point here is his story. di naman pwede na walang pinanggagalingan yun. ang pulido masyado ng plot.. pang pulitzer kung indeed gawa-gawa lang.

given na may kakrampot na truth dito, ang tanong ngayon..

ano ginagawa ni abalos sa deal na yan? taga comelec sya? nga pala, nakalimutan ko, commissioner sya.

ano ginagawa ni FG? ano paki-alam niya sa ZTE? eh private individual sya di ba? bakit sya nakikisawsaw?

at the end of the day, barya lang pala ang dahilan ng pagkakulong ni erap.

at pagkatapos mo magtrabaho ng bonggang bongga, magbayad ng buwis ng tama, bumoto kung may eleksyon, at gumilid ang luha kung kumakanta ng 'bayan ko'.. ano ang nararmdaman mo? may gagawin ka ba? o tatahimik ka na lang at sabihin na ang kurupsyon ay deep-rooted sa sistema natin? o eh naging ganyan yan kasi hinahayaan lang natin mangyari.


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