Thursday, February 21, 2008

Talk is chief

May I direct your attention to Talking Parts? It's a new podcast blog maintained by actress Jenny Jamora that promises to offer “Conversations with the creative forces in Philippine arts.”

A daunting task, if you ask me. I try to do that here, too, with interviews of people who matter in theater and the arts. Transcribing interviews is a bummer, so thank God for the advent of podcasting. The downside is, you have to learn how to edit audio clips. So far, I've stuck to verbatim transcripts and (unembellished) video blogs, since they're a bit easier for me.

Jenny, however, in her first two podcast episodes (first with Hamlet director Ana Abad Santos-Bitong, the second with Skin-Deep playwright and musical composer/arranger Vince de Jesus) shows that she is to the medium born.

Who's Jenny Jamora, by the way? Here, from her blog's About Me section (plus a kooky pic from her Friendster profile):

“JENNY JAMORA’s theater credits include Dogeaters (Atlantis Productions); Love’s Labor’s Lost, The Boor and the Proposal, The Sound of Music, Forty Carats, Much Ado About Nothing (Repertory Philippines); Aspects of Love, Frozen, The Blue Room (Aliw Award nominee, Best Actress in a Non-Musical), The Vagina Monologues (Manila, Singapore, Tokyo), Cabaret, Sacrilege, Stop Kiss, Falsettos (New Voice Company); Basilia ng Malolos (U.P. Playwrights’ Theater); As You Like It (Actor’s Actors, Inc.); Fire Water Woman (Musical Theatre Philippines); Madame de Sade (Dramatis Personae); Romeo and Juliet (RADA’s Acting Shakespeare 2003 Program). Film credits include Pitong Tagpo and Ang Parol Sa Aking Burol (Creative Futures). She is also a freelance voice talent.”

I italicized the last line because it's the most immediate skill that shines through in her podcasts. Jenny sounds marvelous doing her intros and dishing out her questions, which makes listening to these rather lengthy clips all the more pleasurable. Of course, it also helps that she's got two sharp, articulate interviewees in Ana and Vince (the latter a font of hilarious one-liners as usual).

Next up, so the blog announces, is Dexter Santos, director-movement meister of Dulaang UP's ongoing Orosman at Zafira. That's another episode to look forward to. (“We'll start off heavy on the theater people, since the season is in full throttle at the moment,” writes Jenny).

The Talking Parts podcasts are downloadable on iTunes, and are, I must tell you, very well put together--from the OBB to the music to the spiels. I invite you to listen, laugh and learn from these highly stimulating conversations, the way I did. Hats off to Jenny for the talk parade!


dak said...

She's Rio in Dogeaters eyrt?

gibbs cadiz said...

DAK, yep, she was. :)

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