Monday, February 04, 2008

Zoobic Safari: from the clever to the kaloka

Went to Subic with friends two weekends ago, and had an unexpectedly good time at the Zoobic Safari. I have ambivalent feelings about zoos--under ideal conditions I'd want the animals uncaged and in their natural environments, but I can't also deny the thrill I had every time I got to pet a lamb, or feed a friendly camel, or came really close to a huge tiger.

A number of animals at Zoobic are allowed to roam freely and interact with guests. While we were listening to our guide, a stately ram sauntered into the middle of the group and began nuzzling hands and bags. "Nakikichika din," remarked a friend, laughing. The kids were in awe. There were also pigs, miniature horses, ostriches, lots of snakes and reptiles (in glass cages, of course), even a few tarsiers and the Palawan mouse deer, the world's smallest hoofed animal!

But what really tickled me was seeing how Zoobic made every effort to play with its name in posters and signages all over the area. The punning got funnier and funnier as we went along. Lookie:

Clever, catchy name, don't you think? So far, so good.

"Aeta's Zoovenirs." Erm, keri na din.

This had me chuckling with its grinning, campy tone. Zige, go!

But this one took the cake, and had me doing a double take to figure out what it meant. Ano daw? Ipilit ba talaga?!


paolo said...

My mind tells me that camel was indeed friendly, and that miniature horse was real. :P

Anonymous said...

It's good that some animals are free to roam around the compound. But what about the tigers? those who are deprived from their natural habitat? Have you seen how crowded the crocs are? Im really sorry but I don't patronize zoos, dolphin shows, circus, anything that uses animals as a form of entertainment and in confinement.

Fire Eye'd Boy said...

Ang zoowerte naman ng mga nakapunta sa zoobic! bwahahah

I'll deffo check this place out next time I go to Clark so I have laugh firsthand.

Hilda said...

Puns, ohhhhh... But hahaha nevertheless.

Those alligators really just freak me out. Imagine falling into that lot.

gibbs cadiz said...

PAOLO, friendly camel indeed, ate dried leaves from my hand. :)

ANONYMOUS, hi, thanks for your comment. you may want to check out the first paragraph of my post. :)

JEFF, hmmm, i remember you went to subic late last year. you didn't go to zoobic? zhame on you! haha, joke! :)

HILDA, visitors are actually allowed to feed them with dressed chicken. fascinating to watch when they go into a frenzy. :)

bing said...

this is an interesting ride to zoobic.. my kids would probably love to go there. at mukhang harmless ang mga hayop na nakawala. harmless nga ba? he he

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