Saturday, March 01, 2008


The good news: Dulaang UP’s splendid "Orosman at Zafira," directed and choreographed by Dexter Santos with music by Carol Bello, is packing it in at the Guerrero Theater in UP Diliman, and has even been extended!

The bad news: The extension is only for three days--March 6 (Thursday), March 7 (Friday) and March 8 (Saturday), all at 7 p.m.

So, to swipe Exie's exhortation, "There really is no excuse not to go and watch this awesome, marvelous, fantastic show. Unless, of course, you're out of the country. Or you don't have a pulse. (Go check.)"

Siyanga naman. Contact Samantha Clarin 0915-6270840 or call the DUP office 9251349 for tickets.

A favor: On your way out of the theater after the show, do take time to congratulate not only the major forces behind "Orosman"--Dexter and Carol, as well as Tuxqs Rutaquio, Sir Anril Tiatco, John Batalla, Patrick Valera--but also the students and cast members who are part of this production, whether as performers, technical staff or front of house. They've worked incredibly hard on this project; you can see it in the astounding show they've mounted on the Guerrero stage.

In a week's time, after the additional shows, "Orosman," like all theater works before and after it, will be gone. It's important that we let them know how much we appreciate their efforts, because in truth, the P250 ticket price (P150 even for students!) is absolutely not commensurate with the level of sweat, commitment and passion that every performance of "Orosman at Zafira" requires from these young (and mostly non-professional) people. So give them a pat on the back. They've earned it.

UPDATE (Thanks, Exie!): The main cast for the additional shows are:

Thursday, March 6
Cris Villonco (Zafira), Arnold Reyes (Orosman), Roeder Camañag (Boulasem), Tao Aves (Zelima / narrator)

Friday, March 7
Maita Ponce (Zafira), Felix Rivera (Orosman), Roeder Camañag (Boulasem), Natasha Cabrera (Zelima / narrator)

Saturday, March 8
Cris Villonco (Zafira), Felix Rivera (Orosman), Ricky Ibe (Boulasem), Hazel Maranan (Zelima / narrator)

PLUS: Jenny Jamora's Talking Parts podcast with "Orosman at Zafira" director-choreographer Dexter Santos is here.


CokskiBlue said...

I'm definitely watching again! The music and choreography are awesome! Took my breath away many times.

agwe23 said...

Hi Gibbs,

I've recently discovered your blog (maybe 6 or so months ago) and I find myself watching more and more productions. Even if I've considered myself a regular theater-goer for years, there are a lot of productions that fly under my radar. I normally get to watch regularly the repertories, the occasional atlantis and new voice. this has been my first time to see a production from DUP, and it's really really a great show.

I've "required" all my friends to watch next week. heheh

Thanks again!

gibbs cadiz said...

COY, so when are you watching again? :)

AGWE, that's great! glad you're watching more and more shows, and that you've dragged your friends to DUP. more, more! :)

alwaysanxious said...

Great show! It's something you'd want to watch again. Galing talaga. Watching again, too. :)

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