Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Free tickets to UA&P's 'Pygmalion'

A generous soul who wishes to remain anonymous has e-mailed me to offer readers of this blog 10 free tickets to Kultura's production of George Bernard Shaw's Pygmalion.

Kultura is the arts troupe of the University of Asia and the Pacific, and Pygmalion (itself derived from a Greek myth) is, well, the basis for the classic musical My Fair Lady, about the phonetics professor Henry Higgins' efforts to transform Cockney flower girl Eliza Doolittle into a dainty, high-society English lady.

The remaining shows are on March 5 (Wed) 3 p.m., March 6 (Thu) 7:45 p.m., March 8 (Sat) 3 p.m. and 7 p.m., at the Dizon Auditorium, G/F Development Communications Bldg., University of Asia and the Pacific, Pearl Drive, Ortigas Center, Pasig City.

Pygmalion is directed by UA&P faculty member X Vallez. The cast is made up of UA&P students, faculty members and alumni: Joel Parcon, Roni Balbieran, Sara Badr, Bea Abalajon, Mikey Dosdos, Edmund Martinez, Jonathan Guillermo, Jam Mancenido, Yammie Tolentino , Tricia Santos-Fermin, Kate Alconga, Krisan Jacomina, Carla Dionzon, Rhenz Gabalonzo and JC Ramos.

I've seen only one Kultura production so far--Oscar Wilde's The Importance of Being Earnest last year, which starred Niccolo Manahan (a UA&P alumnus) and some students. It was a small-scale, charming production that had surprisingly good amateur actors. Wait--surprising only in the sense that you went into the theater not expecting anything and you walked away impressed and entertained by undiscovered talents. One actor in particular stood out: Javi Coromina, who got the role of the bored, foppish aristocrat down pat. I wonder where this chap is now.

Keen to watch Pygmalion? E-mail me at asap so I can direct you to the contact person holding the free tickets. More information about the show here.

P.S. Okay, not exactly anonymous. The tickets are courtesy of LightChasers Photography.

PLUS: Something unrelated, but, ahem, since they quoted me...


watson said...

Is this about Pygmalion and Galatea? One of the nice stories from mythology! Kaya lang... conflict pa rin sa schedules! Will go home sa weekend ulit. :-(

Marie said...

For watson and anyone else who might be wondering: Pygmalion is the play that "My Fair Lady" (the musical) was based on. :-)

We hope that some of you blog readers can come see our show, we'd really like to expand our audience beyond our school community :-)

And lastly, thank you Gibbs for posting, and for your kind words about our production of "...Earnest" last year. Yeah, I'm also not sure what Javi is up to now! I'll ask :-)

Jepoy said...

Sama ako... pleeeeeaaaaaassssseeee!!!!!!!!!!!

The nearest that I got to see a story about pygmalion was in channel 5 na cartoons (hehe la lang nanggugulo lang).

Seriously, pleaaassseeee!!!! Thanks Thanks!!!!

arpee lazaro said...

please include me! i really want to see this one. this will go well with my wife's new blog

Noreen Ponce-Lazaro said...

i'm now writing for my own blog and pygmalion will be an excellent addition to the wonderful plays i have seen, thanks to gibbs. i hope i get lucky again. sama nyo po ako

TheBachelorGirl said...

Thanks for the OAZ YouTube! I replaced the pic with this one on my blog re the extension announcement.

R-yo said...

ahem. kino quote ka na ngayon. saang trailer ko kaya susunod na makikita ang iyong pangalan? dapat kayang kabahan na si ricky lo? :-)

gibbs cadiz said...

MARIE, thanks for accommodating those who emailed for their tickets. salamat, and i regret i had a prior appointment that prevented me from watching the show. next time! :)

LORNA, no problem! :)

ARYO, aba, musta na ang biyahero sa japan? :)

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