Thursday, April 24, 2008

10 free tickets to PETA's Carnivale Nyt

Boring weekend coming up? Here's a remedy.

The PETA Center is presenting Carnivale Nyt on April 25, Friday (that's tomorrow), 9 p.m. up, and it's giving away 10 free tickets to interested bloggers/readers. The tickets are worth P200 each inclusive of one free drink, plus entrance to one hot party.

I'll let the PETA guys do the talking:

It’s going to be the hottest midsummer nyt ever as the PETA Theater Center presents Carnivale Nyt on April 25! Our Roof Deck will literally be on fire as we showcase poi and zip exhibitions and hair, masks and costume fashion show (peppered with PETA’s flair for the dramatic) and heart-pumping dance music.

We will transform the whole floor into a stage and everyone who steps on it will get caught up in the whimsical world of a true midsummer nyt. You may come in outrageous costume and take advantage of this opportunity to explore your less than zany nature. Or you may come simply as you are.

We will party ‘till morning. We will teach you basic zip moves. And if your adventurous enough--the poi. Who knows? At the end of the night, you might just be the best Fire Dancer to emerge. And if you are, you will take home prizes courtesy of our generous sponsors.

The Midsummer Nyts Hap’nins is sponsored by the Australian College for Hair Design and Beauty with the support of Slimmer’s World International, Nescafe Amore, Franzia Wines, Sunsilk and Fab Nature’s Harvest.

Fired up and ready to party? Call Jette at the PETA Marketing and Public Relations Office 7256244, 4100821 to reserve your free ticket, or text your reservation through 0916-5805153 or 0917-8154567. First-come, first-served!

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