Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Disney auditions for kids

Disney Channel Asia is looking for kids/teenagers from Asia (Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Philippines) ages 10-14 who have not had any commercial appearance and who have hidden talents that it can feature in “Disney Hidden Talents.”

Talents can either be singing or drawing/painting. But, says Ronald Rillo, producer/director for the The Moving Visuals Co. Singapore, in his letter to PETA: "This isn’t definite as I’d like to keep the options open in case there would be kids who have other great talents in other things i.e. synchronized swimming, rock climbing, pro-video game player, web designing, figure skater etc)."

The kid/teenager could either be a boy or girl, with pleasing personality, conversant in English and most importantly, can act.

Tentative schedule of the shoot is on the 2nd week of June. The shoot will only take 2 days per spot. Auditions will be on April 26 at the PETA Theater Center (5 Eymard Drive, New Manila, QC, at the back of the QC Sports Club).

1 comment:

Ameh-Lia said...

I belive i can act and i wish to become an acomplished actress (doesn't everbody) obviously auditions would be needed but if there is a space or somrthing then i'm you gal ;D

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