Friday, April 25, 2008


Monsignor Achilles Dakay, spokesman for the Archdiocese of Cebu, blamed yesterday the homosexual patient for the scandal at the Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center (VSMMC) in Cebu City.

Dakay said the 39-year-old florist, whose identity was withheld, had no one to blame but himself for the scandal.

A video, circulated on the video-sharing Internet site YouTube, of a medical procedure showed a 15-centimeter long spray canister being extracted from the rectum of a patient.

This generated a storm of public criticism against VSMMC and the concerned doctors and hospital officials could face a congressional investigation.

The video showed the hospital staff laughing and clapping their hands when the canister was extracted, which is a violation of the patient’s privacy.

Dakay told Catholic Church-run Radio Veritas that the patient would not have been caught in an embarrassing situation if he had not engaged in a homosexual act in the first place.

“From day one, we are asking (the public) not to forget or to bypass the main issue, the homosexual act was done very badly and now they are talking about what the doctors did wrong. They should be reminded of the wrong act that the guy did to the homosexual,” Dakay said.

“People are blaming the doctors for what they did, but I think they should blame the patient for what he did,” he said.”

-- “Cebu archdiocese says gay patient to blame for YouTube scandal,” The Philippine Star


sushi said...

uhm...that's just not right. and i'm not just talking about what the patient went through.

it's sad that a clergy would make such comment based on a prejudice towards homosexuals.

beektur said...

mwahahaha. i can see fumes coming out your ears and flames from your eyes as you type this entry. and i am shocked (yes, shocked!) that you withheld adding your thoughts about achilles' hellish remarks. too mad to mutter? or more later?

gibbs cadiz said...
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gibbs cadiz said...

SUSHI, thank you. buti ka pa you get what the real issue is. but then, you're not a monsignor, so there. :)

BEEKTUR, yes. still speechless with rage. will gather my spittle muna. :)

joelmcvie said...

“People are blaming the doctors for what they did, but I think they should blame the patient for what he did,” he said.

Well, well, well! And I blame the priests for their lack of understanding and respect for the gay community which they impart onto their congregation, most of whom, I bet, are the doctors and nurses in that hospital.

Hay naku, we can all play the blame game, you know!

Anonymous said...

of course anyone can circumvent any situation, and pick and choose the issue of their liking to advance their 'moral crusades', and indeed what an opportunity it is to lambast the immorality that is gay sex than present a picture of gay guy with a canister up his ass.

i wonder if the same priest would even tackle the subject of sex if it were a hetero female patient in the center of this.

this only shows the bias and discrimination that gay people face everyday. and it is even more unfortunate to hear from a priest, who i assumed, was ordered to console and give comfort to those who are oppressed and humiliated, regardless of their deed, color or sexual orientation.

lateralus said...

what's outrageous is that people who see how stupid the rcc is continue to voluntarily be in their sphere of influence. :)

kaBlog said...

que estupido! s'ya kaya pasakan ko nang lata ng Ma-ling? palibahasa crossdresser! Di ako galet ha :)

dappie said...

Ganz schrechlich. There goes the song "Everybody Fits."

Rexler said...

To joelmcvie:
Lack of understanding for the gay community? I don't think so. I believe they understand the lifestyle all too well. Because as we all know, they are far from sexually inactive.
Indeed, as Boy Abunda is touted to once have said, it is easier to find sex in a seminary than it is to have a good night at Club Bath.

ambivalent misanthrope said...

Outrageous talaga.

Kaya usually its difficult for me to attend mass. The priest is wont to say something idiotic. But I still suffer through mass anyway.

Dakay should issue a public apology over this very stupid comment. We should pressure him to do so.

Ade said...

What that bishop said was totally stupid and irresponsible.

Dane said...

Hello! I just found your site from Benj's post (

Bishop Dakay's move was more on discriminating the patient. The church should teach us on how to be better brothers and sisters, but his move was more on the opposite side.

The morality on the victim's gender is another issue far from what the issue really is.

gibbs cadiz said...

JOEL, sinabi mo pa. naku, dami ko kaya alam na inside stories, wahaha. :)

ANONYMOUS, thanks for your perceptive comment. :)

BENJ, maybe because some think the alternative is worse? ahem, wehehe. :)

KABLOG, crossdresser talaga!? :)

DAPPIE, erm, translate? :)

REXLER, hmmm, boy should know, i think he came from a seminary also, in borongan, samar. maybe that's where he learned his craft, hohoho! :)

AMBIVALENT MISANTHROPE, agree. he should issue a public apology. but don't hold your breath. this is the church--it takes centuries for it to acknowledge its mistakes. hello, galileo, the inquisition, world jewry, etc. :)

thanks, ADE. glad to have you on our side. :)

DANE, amen! they should treat the patient, that's all. no judgment on his personal life. :)


Dakay's visual condition for having an eye to see a grain of sand while failing to notice a huge boulder is yet to be explained by optometrists. It's not that the patient is gay. It's that the patient is a 'patient' and deserves the treatment a patient rightfully deserves.

I wonder how he'd feel once his Bible is shoved up his ass and he gets to be the laughing stock of a group of doctors, the nation notwithstanding.

gibbs cadiz said...

thanks for your comments, friends. more reactions can be found here. :)

Dane said...

True. They should've just treated the patient regardless of gender and the reason why that bottle's inside his anus (?). It was totally a wrong thing to take the video, spread it like wild fire and embarrass the patient. Big big boo-boo.

beektur said...

outraged pipul: please remove any link to the video from your comments/blogs/etc. in short stop spreading the video around. on account of principle i refuse to watch it. one can not condemn the act of the doctors and at the same time participate in the orgiastic humiliation they want let the patient endured. to continue spreading the video/watch it/have it up in the net for everyone to access is to be agree on what the doctors and nurses wanted to happen in the first place.

it might as well be to agree on dakay and further to say that the patient endured what he suffered through not only because he was gay but because he was from cebu, or he was filipino. ponder.

Annamanila said...

So much bigotry in the church, which should otherwise be the springwell of love and compassion.

The doctors' behavior is inexcusable.

gibbs cadiz said...

ANNA! you're back. glad to see ya active in blogging again. i trust the hiatus was restful? don't stress yourself over dim-witted old priests. there are better things to fuss over. :)

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