Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Thanks, John!

Inquirer editor, pundit and blogger John Nery, in his column (“Blogs to read”) yesterday for the paper:

“There are many more writers worth following on the Web (I subscribe to 68 RSS feeds; Chinese bridge-blogger Isaac Mao told me he subscribes to over 700). In the Philippines, colleague Manolo Quezon's blog ( is the indispensable political website. Some of the best writing is found in the blogs of two theater critics, the Philippine Daily Inquirer's own Gibbs Cadiz and The Philippine Star’s Exie Abola. And novelist Butch Dalisay posts pictures as well-tempered as his prose. Verily, a virtual embarrassment of riches.”

My name in the same paragraph as Butch Dalisay? Woohoo! Muchas gracias, John.


R-yo said...

Celebrity ka na talaga!

beektur said...

write a book! time to compile your reviews/beef up with historical tidbits/interviews with theater personalites/add pics, etc. write a book!

Annamanila said...

But of course! Did you ever doubt you're a five-star blogger?

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