Friday, April 18, 2008

Winsome foursome

Another music vid from my baul: JM Rodriguez and Ralion Alonso singing with two talented kids, Isa Fabregas and Hans Dimayuga.

Not sure about the title of the song--You and I?--and whether it came from a Broadway musical. This clip's taken from my VHS copy of "The Music of Dreams," a concert jointly mounted by Ayala Corporation and ABS-CBN some years ago in support of Ayala's education project, the Center of Excellence in Public Elementary Education (CENTEX).

The concert had a stellar cast of performers from the pop, classical and musical theater worlds. Aside from these four, there were Jaya, Lani Misalucha, Regine Velasquez, Pops Fernandez, Isay Alvarez, Basil Valdez, Michael Williams, Audie Gemora, Anna Fegi, Bituin Escalante, Agot Isidro, Ella May Saison, Cris Villonco, RJ Rosales, Carol Banawa, the original Smokey Mountain in a reunion performance, Lisa Macuja and Coke Bolipata, and a few others I can't recall now. Ryan Cayabyab was musical director.

A good question to ask when revisiting clips like this is: Where are they now?

In the case of Ralion Alonso, I believe he's still with Hong Kong Disneyland. He was part of the original batch of Filipino theater performers that got recruited for the opening of the theme park in 2005, along with Pheona Barranda, Shiela Valderrama, Ampy Sietereales, Rabbi Ganaban, Roy Rolloda, Noel Rayos, Alex Dagalea, Marvin Gayramon, Jinky Llamanzares, Tex Ordonez and Jing Fegi. A marvelous dancer (as you can see in the clip), Ralion was a mainstay of a local TV dance show and had even cut a hit dance track (Rampa--can't forget that title) before he left the country.

JM Rodriguez, who was a regular in Rep plays and musicals before his breakthrough part as Mark in Atlantis Productions' Rent, does mostly corporate and TV hosting these days. The last time he was in a musical play was in Rep's The Sound of Music in 2006, where he played Rolf, the young Nazi soldier. Give him another good part, please? Sayang the voice!

As for the two big-voiced kids with them--I don't recall seeing Isa Fabregas and Hans Dimayuga in another show after this concert. I do hope they've grown up to be fine young individuals, and more importantly, are still singing. Because--just check out the vid--they sure are cut out for it.


beektur said...
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beektur said...

Thanks a lot for a great clip...more please. I think they sang three songs. I am not sure about the first and third parts but the JM Rodriguez part is Together, Wherever We Go from Gypsy.

gibbs cadiz said...

ah yes, BEEKTUR, the together, wherever we go part--that's from gypsy. am sure the other two parts are from showtunes too. wait till you see the other highlights of this concert. :)

Em Dy said...

Thanks for sharing this. I was one of Ralion's fans when he was still with Rep and later when they formed their own company. I remember seeing him in Once on this Island and a medley of Broadway's top musicals. I was saddened when he left for Disneyland. When I went there last year. I kept looking out for him.

erasmusa said...

you & me is from TRUMPETS' the little mermaid. i looked in my baul to check :)

gibbs cadiz said...

EM, thanks. i'm a fan too--yes, i saw that once on this island production as well. and i can't forget his dazzling dances in camelot and so many other rep musicals. hope he comes back soon and perform here again. :)

ERASMUSA, thanks! glad you have a baul too! and with similar stuff! :)

stevie said...

Though I am kinda not so much of a fan of ABS CBN, I think I've seen more than one of these musical specials that they've produced and aired that I liked very much. I recall several years back (in the nineties pa ata), in one of their earlier musical specials where there was a dance number with Street Boys, Maneuvers and Ballet Philippines mixing it up on stage to Filipino modern pop and rock music (like eraserheads) performed by the orchestra conducted by Ryan. It was exhilarating. ABS should make these videos available for purchase. And I think they lost their class in these musical specials.

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