Thursday, May 15, 2008

Free tickets to 'Avenue Q's' farewell run

The farewell run is on June 13-22 at the RCBC Theater, Makati City. This time, Carla Guevara-Laforteza--the lovely Miss Saigon alumna who headlined Repertory Philippines' production of Andrew Lloyd Webber's Song & Dance last year--is stepping into the role that Rachel Alejandro played in the first two very well-received runs of Avenue Q.

The rest of the cast are still in--Felix Rivera, Aiza Seguerra, Joel Trinidad, Frenchie Dy, Teenee Chan, Rycharde Everley. After the show's final Manila run, Atlantis Productions is bringing Avenue Q to Singapore's Esplanade Theater in October.

Director Bobby Garcia is offering four free tickets to the June 17 (Tuesday) 8 p.m. performance of Avenue Q to bloggers. The one usual condition applies: Blog about the show--in whatever way you like.

I'll tack on another one. In the interest of making these freebies accessible to more people, I'd prefer that those who get the tickets this time are bloggers who've not had the chance to join activities, avail themselves of free tickets or win other prizes from this blog.

In short, I'd like to see new faces enjoying the experience of musical theater on June 17. I'm sure those of you who've won previously would understand.

My e-mail is First-come, first-served; one blogger, one ticket. Don't blackmail me, please, with news that you'll die if you don't see Avenue Q. I can send flowers, you know. A simple admission that you're a pervert and you like watching nude puppets boink each other would do. (Smiley)

Now, sing with me: "The Internet is for porn, the Internet is for porn...!"


Raein said...

I'd love to watch this! I've sent you an email!

Keitaro Hanazawa said...

How much is the ticket? Di ko ito napanood last time eh. Uhm, nanalo na ba ako ng free ticket sa blog mo? Wahehehe! Kitakits na lang tayo! Wait ko rin yung the West Side Story eh!

gibbs cadiz said...

RAEIN, thanks. :)

KEITARO, hehe, balita ko nanalo ka daw dati. sa labfest ba yun? :)

jaydj said...

I got tix to June 18. I've never been to RCBC though. Which side leads to parking ? Help !

gibbs cadiz said...

JAYDJ, the chino roces side leads to parking. look for the yellow and black railings on the side of the building (opposite the columns condo). they should guide you to the parking entrance. good luck and enjoy the show! :)

jaydj said...

Thanks for the tip !

I'm glad their running for one last week. We wanted to watch this earlier this year but didn't have the opportunity.

I'm sure Aileen will blog about it. :)

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