Monday, May 05, 2008

PETA workshops for educators and cultural workers

Theater for Development 1: Community Theater
(Community cultural workers ages 17 and up) Experience the PETA Integrated Theater Arts (ITA) approach through creative group processes with special sessions on community situational analysis. Immerse yourself in necessary production processes with focus on different theater forms culminating in a play production.

Theater-in-Education 1: Creative Pedagogy
(Formal and non-formal educators) Rev up your teaching competency by maximizing creative methodologies, approaches and philosophies in the teaching of arts and academic subjects whether in formal or non-formal education. Demonstrate your teaching technique by using artistic disciplines as engaging tools of learning. Design your creative lesson plans as your final output.

Theater-in-Education 2: Asian Theater
(Theater artists and cultural workers ages 17 and up) Immerse yourself in the discussions and analyses of the rich culture of Asian countries, their theater history, art forms and world views. Discover their influences to artists, dramatists and theater pedagogues from all over the world. Be more conscious of their nature and qualities that have influenced your own artistic expressions.

Reserve your slots now! Call us at 4100821 or 7256244 and look for Julie Bautista. You may also direct your inquiries through mobile number 0928-5078368 or this email address. All courses will be conducted from May 12 to 16, Monday to Friday, 9 a.m.-4 p.m. Course fee is P3,500 per participant.

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