Thursday, May 22, 2008

Plugs and more plugs

Two shows you have to make time for this weekend (try bilocation):

1. Bituin Escalante sings the standards at Mandarin Oriental's Captain's Bar, 9 p.m., this Saturday, May 24, the last of her two-weekend engagement. Haven't had time to watch, but video excerpts here (a poor substitute at that) show that the star is to these classic songs born. Watch her croon Alfie; spine-tingling.

2. Lea Salonga's My Life... On Stage concert this Friday and Saturday, May 23-24, 8 p.m., at the Philippine International Convention Center. That's Lea Salonga. Nuff said.

Day job, playgoing, blogging--all that, plus movies, DVD marathons, dinners with friends, reading, sex (I'm kidding), etc.--have kept me from any decent blog-hopping in the last few months. I've missed out on so many interesting new blogs and bloggers. Don't ask me who's supposed to be “emerging-influential” now, I wouldn't have the slightest idea.

But I'd like to make a pitch for three blogs that I think are worth your bookmarks--two quite new, one not-so:

1. Misterhubs. This “Pinoy legal urbanite” who blogs anonymously writes with a droll, casual sophistication--on days when he's not skewering show-biz targets with his witty zingers. He's been around since last year, which means the site has built up an archive of good reads, from playful odes to model Leandro Okabe to this--an excerpt from his entry on office pooping, hands down my favorite Misterhubs post:

I don’t know about you but for me, pooping in the presence of another is quite an intimate act. It’s almost at the same level as French-kissing or opening a joint account. Since I wasn’t in the mood to get intimate with mysterious peeing guy that day, I waited and waited and waited (Mr. Pee had to wash his hands, examine his blackheads, and comb his hair) until he was finally out of the loo.

After what felt like eons, I finally downloaded my files. I was aiming for a silent, Baby Suri-like delivery but a few gargling sounds came out. The neat thing was everything was over in eight seconds and there was no icky splatter.

With military precision, I unrolled the reel of tissue in my hand and began Operation Wipe Off. Some people are thrifty when it comes to tissue papers. They would only use X number of squares, just enough to prevent underwear stains. I’m not like that. I’m the Paris Hilton of tissue papers. I have no problem consuming one whole roll in one sitting if that’s what it takes to feel like a new person...

2. Lakwatsero. Angel Juarez doesn't do travel blogging the way many of us do--with elongated ruminations on escape, movement, freedom, nature, the balm of awesome sights, all that luggage-bound jazz. Instead, he gives up facts: where and when to go, what to do, where to stay, how much to spend. The emphasis is on the quirky, untried and unconventional--away from the tourist horde as much as possible. The pictures look fetching, too. This is a most helpful blog for people who are as conscious of their wallets as they are of their wandering itch. Check out Angel's Boracay/Tibiao entry to know what I mean.

3. Pan, Nessus and Chiron. The “fabulous" (Ian Casocot's word, and he's right) Palanca Hall of Famer Nicolas Pichay, lawyer and man of letters, now blogs, and his first entries make for vigorous, compulsive reading. Here he is recalling a confrontation with a wayward niece:

The more tears she shed, the more encouraged I became in piling one on top of the other my homily on the responsibility of family, the grace of humility and honorable subservience to obligation. I was really getting into the sweet contravida-ness of my role and relishing the souring of her wedding. The scene was building on the emotional stakes thus far established and the suspense was the kind that held an audience before the network run the commercial for feminine napkins. I couldn’t stop. I felt my face heat up as it crumpled and distorted. I did not slow down to take in air as I raced from one poetic allusion to the next running down mixed metaphors in the process. After twenty minutes, I began to sound like a robot about to disintegrate. My head started to throb, my chest started to tighten. I’ve seen this in the movies. At this point the father would now be clutching his chest and succumbing to a heart attack. Luckily, I was able to step on the emotional break before the onslaught of cardiac arrest. I dismissed her even before she could wipe her runny nose...

Finally: Filipino Voices is holding the Philippine Issues Writing Project, which encourages bloggers of all persuasions to write about any issue that affects the nation. “You decide the issue, in your own words, in your own style... So whether you are a technology blogger, a personal blogger, socio-political blogger, or a lifestyle blogger, anyone can participate, and is encouraged to participate.” The project will run for two months, with prizes at stake. Click here for more details. I'll blog about it next time, after I've firmed up something. Hmmm.


Angel said...

Haha, thanks naman gibbs for featuring my blog.

Misterhubs said...

One of these days I'll do a vlog on my bowel movements. Hehe.

Thanks for the mention Gibbs! Suddenly I feel like blogging again. :-)

gibbs cadiz said...

ANGEL, o, blog more! :)

MISTERHUBS, actually, kaya kita sinama, para talaga mag-blog ka na ulit. consider it a nudge. tama na muna ang legal papers, you owe us more funny posts. haha! :)

Anonymous said...

ako kaya, kelan iba-blog honor roll ni gibbs. pero huwag na lang kaya. baka ma-accuse na naman ako ng pretentious leveling. he he.

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