Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Raffle prizes for the Filipino Voices writing project

I'd like to help encourage more people--especially young bloggers--to join the Philippine Issues Writing Project of FilipinoVoices.com. I'm donating three books to the pool of prizes that will be raffled off to participants at the end of the project.

The three books consist of two glossy, lavishly illustrated coffee-table books and one literary anthology.

1. WELCOME TO THE PHILIPPINES is a Department of Tourism-prepared compendium of everything attractive, significant and worth checking out in the country. Aside from the colorful photo spreads and concise text, the book offers a directory of essential information about travelling in the Philippines, from airline offices to bank schedules to shopping places to a list of hotels, resorts and top restaurants all around the country.

2. MANILA BAY: THE CROSSROADS OF ASIA, by Reynaldo G. Alejandro, Vicente Roman S. Santos and Alfred A. Yuson, celebrates "how one of the world's best natural ports became the hub of socio-economic, cultural and artistic exchange within Southeast Asia, and later, between East and West," as the book jacket puts it. Contributions from prominent writers and artists are fully illustrated with historical drawings and vintage and contemporary photos.

3. BAGETS: AN ANTHOLOGY OF FILIPINO YOUNG ADULT FICTION--Carla M. Pacis and Eugene Y. Evasco, editors. A beguiling collection of sixteen stories in English and Filipino aimed at Filipino young adults, "who need to have their own adolescent hero, even as Holden Caulfield continues to haunt the high school classrooms," says the intro. (Kevin, lay off the Chuck Palahniuks for now, aim for this!:-))

The Philippine Issues Writing Project
You decide the issue, in your own words, in your own style. This is a way in which everyone can participate, and this is also a way in which our readers will realize the multi dimensional aspect of the challenges we face as a nation.

So whether you are a technology blogger, a personal blogger, socio-political blogger, or a lifestyle blogger, anyone can participate, and is encouraged to participate.

This will be a two-month-long writing project, each Friday we will announce those who have participated and the articles they have written.

This is about the issues that you feel need to be written about. Whether it is in the technology sector, our economy, social justice, politics, it’s all up to you, be thoughtful and creative.

At the end of the two months, we will raffle off prizes for those who have participated in the writing project. Among the prizes will be P10,000 worth of books, cash prizes, and t-shirts. We will officially put up the list of prizes to be awarded in the coming weeks.

But, honestly, this isn’t really about the prizes, it’s all well and good, yes, but at the end of the day, we hope you can join this writing project because you truly want to write about the issues that are affecting The Philippines. To shed light on these issues, should be our number one goal.

Specific rules:
1. Maximum 2 entries per person
2. Contest deadline: June 27, 2008 (moved from June 9, to allow more bloggers to participate)
3. All topics allowed, no maximum or minimum amount of words
4. Must have been written on or after January 1, 2008
5. Must be an original work

Take this opportunity to let your voices be heard on issues that you feel affect us all. Full details on how to join, prizes and other updates here.

Thanks, Nick, for the chance to help.


mentholGUY said...

I really have a plan on participating this project - and this WILL urge me to do it. LOL.

I hope I'd win the 3rd raffle prize. Srsly! :)

gibbs cadiz said...

hey KEVIN, you better! :)

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