Saturday, May 24, 2008

Teaser to a tale of high drama

[Update 1: Mr. Guingona's published article here, and a related blog entry by Ria Pangilinan here.]

[Update 2: My “Saving Face” article here.]

If I were you, I'd buy a copy of the Inquirer tomorrow, Sunday, May 25 (or at least check out the online edition).

Our lead story for Sunday Lifestyle is an exclusive piece by noted actor-director Bart Guingona, who recounts a terrifying near-death experience that occurred onstage, in real time, during a performance of Repertory Philippines' Tuesdays With Morrie recently. Mr. Guingona co-stars with theater lion Jose Mari Gonzales in the touring Mitch Albom play, which played in Alabang for a couple of weekends and will run again in July and September.

“You know how sometimes you have an experience of singular intensity that it threatens to change you forever?,” begins Mr. Guingona. Then, several paragraphs later, after he's narrated the riveting details, he asks: “An artist working himself to the bones to make ends meet, living a hand-to-mouth life to entertain and edify others... Is it worth it? There’s too little money in it. Little or no fame. Yet some of us continue to do it and some of us die doing it. Most of us know there’s no financial security in it and only get by on its promise of spiritual certitude. Are we insane?”

I edited the piece, and nearly teared up while reading it. Here's a story that exposes the madness, magnificence and grit of those who dedicate their lives to the theater--they who pledge to finish the show in the face of herculean odds, sometimes even of Death itself. Read the piece and join me pay homage to those who toil in the creative vineyards--in particular to Mr. Avellana, whose towering bravery and commitment to his art qualify as heroism of the highest kind.

As Mr. Guingona puts it, and to which I can only agree, “The least we can say is BRAVO!”

PLUS: My “In the case of my face...” entry also appears in the Sunday issue, but in a shorter, sweeter version. Sorry, Fritz, the L'Oreal-pampered cat's out of the bag!

[Update 1: Mr. Guingona's published article here, and a related blog entry by Ria Pangilinan here.]

[Update 2: My “Saving Face” article here.]


TheBachelorGirl said...

1. Thanks for the heads up about Bart's article. My post tomorrow will be about it.

2. Ria's Multiply Link- Sadly, it's only for her Contact list, not for public reading. :-(

3. I congratulated Fritz for being a Certified Metrosexual. Twice. First, when your post came out. Second, when he became a Certified Metrosexual on a national daily. Hihi... ;-)

Fritz said...

Stappit, Lorna, you're making me blush *whut?! LOL

gibbs cadiz said...

LORNA, great, looking forward to your piece. :)

FRITZ, no, you're just exfoliating! microdermabrasion? WTF!? :)

Ma'an said...

Hi Gibbs! I watched the show and was at the 3rd row of the Orchestra that day.

Mari gave a truly moving performance -- it was impossible to notice that he was in great pain.

I was in fear when he collapsed while everyone was calling for an ambulance or a doctor and his family going hysterical. We were asked to exit the theatre and I was worried he died.

Thank God he is safe.

gibbs cadiz said...

MA'AN, yes, thank God he is safe. i'm sure it was very hard, too, for members of the audience like you to see him succumb to illness onstage--and from the 3rd row yet! :)

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