Saturday, May 03, 2008

Three angelic voices: Cris Villonco, Dianne Dela Fuente and Carol Banawa

How easy--or how lame--is this contest, huh, when the very first commenter gets the answers right? Haha. Yep, the singers are Cris Villonco, Dianne Dela Fuente and Carol Banawa. Ria Jose, e-mail me at so you can get your GCs. Thanks to everyone else who joined in, and to friends who helped spread the word via Twitter or their blogs.

The medley that Cris, Carol and Dianne sang to perfection was called Pinoy Pop Medley, and they performed it in a concert called The Music of Dreams, which I had written about earlier here. The arrangement wasn't original to this show. Ryan Cayabyab had prepared it for Lea Salonga, who first performed it in a homecoming concert after her Miss Saigon stint in London.

How do I know this? Well, the producer of The Music of Dreams himself, Mickey Munoz, says so here. And Lea herself said so in another concert of hers, Songs From Stage and Screen, the finale of which had her revisiting this medley.

Guess what? I also have a VHS copy of that concert. So expect Lea's version of this enchanting medley to likewise grace this blog--soon.

Before I forget: If there's anybody we have to thank for showstopping numbers like this one, it's Mickey Munoz. He's the guy responsible for mounting all those lavish ABS-CBN musical specials through the years. Mickey, who adores musical theater and can sing a mean showtune himself, has never failed to include a segment featuring many of our underappreciated but hugely talented theater performers in these TV spectaculars, amid the usual welter of network stars and celebrities in them. Thank you, Mickey--and more, more!

It's just too bad that Carol Banawa and Dianne dela Fuente have effectively exited the scene. Several years ago, they alternated in the lead role of Trumpets' The Little Mermaid. Carol is now in the US, while Dianne has settled into married bliss (I presume).

Cris Villonco was gone for a while to finish her schooling at the Sarah Lawrence College in NY (AB in Music and Economic Development). But this year, she made a smashing comeback with back-to-back triumphs as Ophelia in Rep's Hamlet and Zafira in Dulaang UP's Orosman at Zafira--both only in the first quarter of the year!

Well, here's the three of them, performing with the Bata-oke Kids (a product of a noontime show talent contest--gifted tykes, bad group name). Ahem, watch a nervous, obviously ill-at-ease Piolo do the intro with host Pops Fernandez...

PLUS: You can view a high-quality version of the video here. TheGreatest, as you requested, I've also uploaded an mp3 clip of the medley here. Feel free to dowload. And Jepoy, you asked for Carol Banawa, you got it, mate.


Alexei said...

i love this performance by carol, cris, and dianne. voices are so crystal clear.

i love the version of lea too. i have that cd were she sang it. its the best, especially when she sings Bituin walang ninging and that duet of jaya and janno gibbs.

crazed_heck said...

wala na po bang ibang contest?

Anonymous said...

would you by any chance have a copy of "a ms. called lea"? i think it was her first concert after ms. saigon. if so, be please be kind and post a clip? thanksalot!

Ria Jose said...

YEY! Winning is enough of a prize for me. Hehe... Saya-saya! More please. :)

gibbs cadiz said...

ALEXEI, thanks. have that cd, too, though viewing the performance live is always a special treat. :)

CRAZED HECK, make sure to drop by in the next few days, you might get lucky. :)

ANONYMOUS, no, sorry, i don't have a copy of that concert. i'd love to have one, though. i'll be posting clips from a couple of other (more recent) lea concerts i have. hope you enjoy them, too. :)

RIA, sayang, dapat dala ko na ang gc's going to coy's place, so i could've given them to you na. :)

Dennis N. Marasigan said...


Mickey is a Tanghalang Pilipino alumnus, having been in the chorus of the very first production, Dalagang Bukid. Too bad they had to ship him out to ABS-CBN International.


Straycat260 said...

Nakakalungkot lang kasi di na masyadong visible si carol tsaka Dianne. Sayang yung career, gagaling nila.

Annamanila said...

Another underrated singer is Bituin Escalante. I am looking for a Bituin album and at least songs other than the superb "Kung Ako Na Lang Sana."

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