Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Why 'Pinoy Idol' sucks

So true and so well said that I just had to borrow and reprint the words verbatim:

When I saw the pilot episode of PINOY IDOL, where they were choosing finalists from a sea of contestant-wanna-bes, I felt I was watching a different show altogether. I thought I was watching... uhm... “Wish Ko Lang” because they showed clips featuring some contestants and their unbelievable struggles to get through the harrowing audition process. One contestant told her depressing tale, how she sold her car to get to Manila to join the contest. “Gusto ko talagang manalo sa Pinoy Idol para makaahon kami sa hirap. Pagod na pagod na kasi ako sa ganitong buhay.” Another contestant was even taped during her father’s burol complete with coffin in the background. I thought I was dreaming -- maybe I was. Another contestant, who was barely 18, when asked why he joined the contest answered “Para mapakain ko po ang mga magulang ko at mapag-aral ko ang mga kapatid ko.” Another girl said “Para makakain po ako ng tatlong beses isang araw.” It went on and on and on and on. Wow. I thought this was a singing contest. Bakit parang naging KAPWA KO, MAHAL KO with musical production numbers in between segments? Ano yun? Kulang na lang mamigay si Mel Tiangco ng relief goods sa mga contestants.

Why does everything have to be OVERLY DRAMATIC? Why are we romanticizing poverty so much that it feels like everything we do is motivated by money? Yes, times are hard but should we milk every melodramatic moment in front of the camera? This is a singing contest --- not “Wowowee” where, as a contestant, “the more tears you shed you get more chances of winning.”

Whatever happened to following your dream? Whatever happened to “pride” and “dignity” in performing? Of becoming a real artist? Of pursuing your passion? Of expressing yourself and communicating to others? This contest should be about talent and musical passion. Nothing else.

It’s not the contestants’ fault they have tragic stories to tell. (Heck, my life will make an interesting Maala-ala Mo Kaya episode but I’d rather keep my sob stories to myself, thank you.) They were asked sad questions by the segment producers and the poor hopefuls, willing to do anything and everything to be in the final 12, willingly answered. The Pinoy Idol writers obviously exploited the more “heart-warming” and “human interest” angles of the contestants’ lives to make the show more “touching” and “relevant.” Dapat merong “Awwww...” moment. Lagi na lang ba? Is it really necessary? They have so many shows focusing on mushy stuff already. Geez. Pati ba naman singing contest?

They're by Vince De Jesus, and there's more of his typically sharp, witty and pertinent observations about GMA-7's ineffectual singing tilt, the state of the local music industry, money versus artistry, etc. in his aptly titled Multiply post, “Milking the Melodramatic Cow.” And he's not even talking of the contestants yet.

PLUS: More raps in the head, for Nina's “What-is-she-on?” birit here, Sitti's “desafinado-sintonado” bossa here. Stop laughing, this is serious!


Jon Limjap said...


To add insult to injury, Pinoy Idol has ignored Mau Marcelo's win as the first Philippine Idol last year.

Parang, hello, respeto naman dun sa tao? She absolutely need not be sideswiped and ignored considering the terrible state of her career right now.

Anonymous said...

So I thought so... the ignoring of Mau Marcelo just proves that it's not a singing contest but a beauty contest!

Anonymous said...

Ganun eh. We should accept the fact that when the franchise moved to another network, the focus and the target market changed "dramatically" (no pun intended)... masa ang habol ng GMA. Negosyo. We can't blame them for that kasi ganyan ang dikta ng industriya. Heck, ABC tried to make it a singing talent when they followed Mr.C's resolve na talent kesa dramatics, but they failed di ba (sa maraming aspeto di ba, except sa resolve nila to target a certain market and to actually find real talents)? So, maybe also because we failed to give the first batch of idol aspirants the support they truly deserved? Ngayon pinapaulanan tayo ng dramatics, di rin tayo happy? Masama man sabihin, we get the quality and kind of programs we deserve? Sad. Thanks, gibbs...more power to you and to all of us who aspire for real good shows on TV!

Anonymous said...

CORRECTION: "Heck, ABC tried to make it a singing and talent based SHOW when they followed Mr.C's resolve na talent kesa dramatics, but they failed di ba (sa maraming aspeto di ba, except sa resolve nila to target a certain market and to actually find real talents)?" (sorry)

Anonymous said...

I TRIED TO POST THIS KAY VINCE PERO BAWAL PAG DI MULTIPLY USER. "Iba kasi ang target market ng SYETE kesa sa naging target market ng SINGKO sa first ever PI. Isa pa, the followers of the first PI know very well that thanks to MR.C (sya daw ang nag insist nuon di ba), it focused on talent instead of dramatics. Not to say na walang talent ang new batch of PI aspirants okay. Dumating pa nga sa point sa ABC 5 PI na ang komento ng ibang tao eh di nila masuportahan ang mga aspirants kasi "di nila maramdaman ang pagkatao" ng mga ito. Kasi nga mas naglaan oras sa singing nuon kesa sa sob stories. Di nga nalaman ng lahat nuon kung paano nag door to door si Mau sa Quezon province at sa local officials nila duon para lang mausportahan ang kaniyang bid eh. Ni hindi natin alam ang mga personal na buhay ng first batch e. We get the quality of programs we deserve. We want good TV pero sadly, iba ang taste ng mas nakakarami, o maybe di kasi tayo sumusuporta sa tv networks or programs na may okay na layunin. More power to you VINCE!"

Anonymous said...


Em Dy said...

I was a regular viewer of Philippine Idol and still remember outstanding performances there (Gian Magdangal's Himala, Pow Chavez' Nakapagtataka are examples). It was with interest that I tuned in to Pinoy Idol but was sadly disappointed. Re the judges: Although Jolina has made her own mark in the business, she pales in comparison to Pilita. I saw an episode where Wyngard didn't like how the contestant dressed and asked him to disrobe some of his costume. I think that got the contestant more nervous. Why can't they just let them be and listen to them sing? The makeover can happen later.

Em Dy said...

By the way, Apple Chiu is one of the regular singers in The Singing Bee. She was one of the strongest performers in Philippine Idol. I hope she gets better gigs.

gibbs cadiz said...

hi JON, oo nga, where is mau marcelo now?! :)

ANONYMOUS 1, uh, wouldn't bet on it being a beauty contest either. :)

ANONYMOUS2, you seem to have juicy inside stories! spill more, hehe. about pandering to the market, i'm really very interested to find out any market studies that gma-7 uses (i'm sure they have) arguing for a more "emotional" approach to the show, and how it translates to concrete figures in terms of better advertising, viewership, etc. wala lang--kasi everyone bandies about the name of the masa e. eto ang gusto ng masa, ayaw ng masa niyan, etc. where are the surveys and polls that prove or disprove these claims? :)

EM, hehe, sorry, i had to ask around what the singing bee is. show pala hosted by cesar montano (!). well, ain't it sad if a strong singer like apple chiu only gets to sing fragments now in a game show? :)

lateralus said...

The biggest reason of course is that I didn't audition!!!!

...and Fritz wasn't allowed to try out because the cut off age was 29.

gibbs cadiz said...

BENJ, me decibel limit din daw ang tv shows, hehe. :)

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