Friday, June 13, 2008

Free CDs, and a clarification

1. My US-based college buddy Mitz is feeling generous these days. He's giving away 12 original copies of Journey's new CD/DVD album Revelation to interested Philippines-based bloggers. The kicker: You don't have to blog about it or express your undying love for newly-minted international rock star and Journey frontman Arnel Pineda. Just ask, and if you get lucky in the raffle, a copy will be sent to your address. Awesome deal, right?

From Mitz's blog:

I am a Filipino Journey Fan and I am putting my money where my mouth is. So, I am giving away 2 Revelation Albums every month starting June 30, 2008 until December 30, 2008 or while supplies last in support of Arnel Pineda’s unparalleled journey with Journey through lottery drawing every 15th and 30th of the month.

To qualify, you must be a certified blogger and your site should be current.

You can also add yourself to the newest Arnel Pineda & Journey Fan Group in Multiply, REVELATION if you want to but it's not necessary to avail of the prize. Non-Multiply users can visit Bill Blahs and Unchanged Melodies for more details. No strings attached, free shipping worldwide.

You can email me your name or pseudoname together with the URL of your site at or journey(dot) or just to ask questions.

Winners will be posted on this site [his Multiply], half an hour after the contest ends. If you win, you can contact me at the same email ad for your postal address.

The first drawing will be on June 30, 2008 8 pm EST.

Whatchuwaitinfor? E-mail him now to get your Revelation CD/DVD!

2. Lea Salonga herself has given this assurance in her blog, but let me repost her words verbatim for those of you who are anxious about buying Cinderella tickets and have been asking me which dates to book "kasi baka 'yung alternate niya at hindi si Lea ang makuha namin:"

"For those of you who wrote asking about my Cinderella schedule: I'll be doing each and every performance, barring illness, injury or vacation (I'm entitled to 2 weeks off somewhere in the run... waaaaaaaay after the Manila leg is over and done with). If you see that my understudy is performing, it means that I am not in any way physically able to do that particular show."

There. Crystal-clear promise, right? Now you know what to do.

Lea's understudy, by the way--not alternate--is Sheila Valderrama, a Rep-trained actress who was part of the original batch of Filipino musical-theater artists that went to Hong Kong Disneyland. IF she does get to play Cinderella, even for one performance, I'd make sure to catch her, too. Wouldn't you love to see another homegrown talent get her moment in the spotlight?


spanx said...

excellent topics and fine writing,

glad i discovered your blog
through PBS!!!

vonjobi said...

for those who are clueless about arnel and/or journey (like i used to be), here's an article in the latest issue of GQ (!) that puts everything in context:

mitsuru said...

You can see the list of the eligible participants here and also you can now add your name on the list there at the comment section or via regular channel mentioned above.

Note: The first drawing will be on June 15th instead of 30th 8 pm EST. My bad. :)

Danton Remoto said...

hola, gibbs, danton here. please add my link ha?

we will rock them in the 2010 elections!

take care,


gibbs cadiz said...

hi SPANX, thanks much! do drop by again. :)

VON, salamat for the link. great article! :)

MITZ, dami na ba nag-send? :)

DANTON, gogogo! time to have an intelligent gay guy in the senate for a change. :)

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