Monday, June 23, 2008

Kuwentong showbiz

Afternoon in the gym. TV turned on to a GMA-7 soap. Scene wraps up with big (and badly acted) reaction shot, then program ID appears. I nearly drop the weights when I read it: PABLO GOMEZ' MAGDUSA KA. Pablo Gomez'!? What happened to the S after the apostrophe? Is GMA-7 pioneering a new rule on possessives?

Lunch time at home. I'm munching on leathery fried chicken, TV noisy with Eat Bulaga! in the background. Contestant is asked to spell “entrepreneur,” and fails. The hosts turn to “Tito Sen”--former senator Tito Sotto--for help. He spells it E-N-T-R-E-P-E-N-E-U-R. The crowd cheers, the show goes on. I have the urge to hurl the chicken leg at the screen.

Afternoon in the gym ulit. “Pre, pengeng scandal, baka me bago ka diyan,” Brawny Guy tells another--referring to racy pictures and videos that proliferate on mobile phones. Brawny Guy 2 fetches his phone and shows the group--including twinky me--a photo of Mariel Rodriguez and Toni Gonzaga (or two girls that look very much like them) in bikinis. The fuss is on Mariel, whose wet bra hides nothing. “Yari siya, kitang kita,” Brawny Guy 1 says, smacking his lips. Brawny Guy 2 replies, “Kasalanan niya, magba-bra siya, 'yung sheer pa.” SHEER!? Uhm, dudes, how about the more studly gossamer? Or diaphanous? I turn away, my eyebrows dancing the hula.


erasmusa said...

there are some errors we can ignore, but some are unforgivable. uminit man ang ulo mo, this post made my monday morning brighter. salamat, gibbs!

pedter penducker said...

ito lang masasabi ko... Senador na nga eh hindi pa rin marunong mag-i-spelling. nakakatakot na kalagayan para sa ating bayan.

R-yo said...

so you're back to gymming? (he he. anlayo ng comment)

Angelo said...

Lol. Great anecdotes, gibbs.

joelmcvie said...

Baka naman akala niya si Mariel ay si Sheer Valdez? Ay wait! Sheer Valdez' pala.

Spark and Style said...

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Anonymous said...

grammar policegheys like you are so nakakainis.grammar policegheys thrive so much in the philippines. so kaka. sayang kha.

gibbs cadiz said...

hi ABBY, thanks, watch TV and have many more bright mornings! hehe. :)

PETER, naman! :)

R-YO, never left naman. naks! :)

thanks, ANGELO! :)

MCVIE, anukabah, shyr valdez yun, wahaha! :)

SPARK AND STYLE, saw some good T-shirts, but even your small sizes might be big for me. serious. :)

ANONYMOUS, o sige, tawad na, wag na lang grammar, yung H na lang sa words mo.

Anonymous said...

ghagha! seriously, if you work in a multinational environment with different accents from different people, you realize there's nothing wrong with mispronouncing vowels. we're not brits nor americans so it's fine. a frenchman who mispronounces english words is no better than a filipino emphasizing each ang every letter of a word particularly the rrrrrrs!


Kevin said...

I LOLED at Tito Sotto spelling Entrepreneur!


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