Thursday, June 26, 2008

Lea Salonga's Cinderella finds her Prince

His name is Peter Saide, originally from Brisbane, Australia, and last night local media got its first glimpse of him when Peter was presented by Broadway Asia Entertainment, producers of Cinderella, at a presscon at the CCP Main Theater lobby.

Boy, is he tall and dashing and silken-voiced. A tad too tall for Lea, in fact, if you ask me--but nothing that a good pair of glass slippers with respectable but sturdy heels won't resolve. Lea and Peter, garbed in glittering frocks, sang a lilting ballad from Cinderella called “Ten Minutes Ago,” and I have it on video (sorry for the long shot as usual--or the cameramen from the networks massed behind me would've bopped me on the head).

Director Bobby Garcia is right: They do sound swell together. The song, scored like an elegant waltz, teases out Lea and Peter's enchanting voices, and they don't even have to hit high notes or do vocal calisthenics to do the job.

The real-life Cinderella of this Prince is--surprise!--also in the cast, a member of the ensemble. Peter had to tell when he was asked THAT question: “Have you found your Cinderella?”

Well, have you bought your tickets? Cinderella goes onstage at the CCP Main Theater July 29-August 24, after which it will embark on a 30-week Asian tour that includes China, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan--still with Lea in the lead. To a question from the audience, Lea repeated the assurance she had given earlier in her blog that, barring injury or illness, she'd be performing in all the shows. (For tickets, call 8919999 or visit Ticketworld.)

Enjoy the vid!

PLUS: Julie Andrews originated the part of Cinderella in the original TV broadcast of the Rodgers and Hammerstein musical. How did she sound? Heavenly--and veddy English. Just check out the following tracks from the 1957 soundtrack (she duets with Jon Cypher as the Prince in the last two songs). I dare you not to go giddy over “Do I Love You Because You're Beautiful.”


erasmusa said...

lovely. reminded me that i had seen the version with brandy and paolo montalban. brandy's voice didn't fit the R&H template, but paolo was crush-worthy, so it was ok. :) don't know if he's shorter than peter, but he'd be a nice match for lea.

Anonymous said...


sushi said...

already have my tickets since march hahaha! talk about uber excited!

thanks for the vid gibbs!

oc hometheater said...

absolutely he 'd be nice match for lea. I can bet on that

bingskee said...

still the beautiful and dashing leah.

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