Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Win her glass slipper! (A 'Cinderella' contest)

[Note: Update by Lea herself here.]

I'm exaggerating. You can win something related to Lea Salonga and Cinderella (which opened last night at the CCP Main Theater)--just not her glass slipper, since I've no idea where to get that.

The folks over at the aptly-named LeaSalongaFansClub in Multiply (co-founded by the biggest Lea Salonga fans I know, my college buddy Mitz and his wife, both based in Michigan but materializing wherever Lea sings in the US) are sponsoring a Cinderella contest for bloggers. The prizes are generous, so I'm encouraging everyone to participate.

The rules
1. Watch Cinderella and blog about it.

2. For Multiply users, leave a comment in the LeaSalongaFansClub homepage with a link to your blog entry, or in the Multiply sites of Mitz or Mikaela. For non-Multiply users, leave a comment/link here or e-mail your entry to, with "Cinderella" as subject.

3. The entries will be winnowed down to the Top Three. As honorary co-administrator of the site (even if I know zip about managing a Multiply group), I've been asked to help Mitz and Mikaela go through all the submitted entries, so expect me to drop by your corner one of these days.

4. The contest runs July 29-August 24, or the entire Philippine run of Cinderella. Winners will be announced on the week of August 25. [Update: new deadline for blog entries is September 1.]

Here's the clincher: Out of the top three entries, the best one will be chosen by Lea Salonga herself. Yes, she's agreed to do it. How exciting is that? There's your proverbial glass slipper waiting to be won!

A word of caution, though: Just because it's Lea herself doing the final choosing doesn't mean you should make your entry an exercise in major groveling. Merely piling on the superlatives won't cut it. Lea herself, I imagine, would see through the fawning. Instead, be honest, straightforward and clear about what you saw. Throw in a bit of insight and flair and you might just get her nod--and the loot bag.

The prizes
First prize: $100, plus Cinderella soundtrack album (the one that Lea and cast are recording in Manila) and original US-made DVD copies of The Making of Miss Saigon and Hey, Mr. Producer! (Not familiar with the latter? Here.)

The two co-finalists will receive the same package minus the $100 cash prize.

Everyone else who participates will also get a chance to win something, with more copies of the Cinderella soundtrack album and DVDs to be raffled off.

Good enough deal, right? Now, hop aboard, we're off to the ball!

[Note: Update by Lea herself here.]


Anonymous said...

Actually, ang cheap cheap ng ad na iyan ng cinderella. parang in your face naman masyado. Oo na si lea salonga iyan. pero my gosh , maganda nga ang boses niya, pero ilang beses ka ba dapat manood ng play nia to prove it. and please mahiya naman ang may pakana ng ad na iyon. iyung ibang theater groups nga struggling masyado, tapos may isa naman na mega OA ang publicity. STOP IT NA!

gibbs cadiz said...

ANONYMOUS: am sorry, but which ad are you referring to? the entry had no poster or advertisement, so am really puzzled. if you're talking about the contest--the cinderella producers have nothing to do with it, which is an independent initiative of some lea salonga fans--who are spending their own money for the prizes and to buy their own tickets. and what's your beef about lea and her voice? how stupid is that statement--"maganda nga ang boses niya, pero ilang beses ka ba dapat manood ng play nia to prove it"? voices like that are supposed to be heard, performed on stage. what are you trying to say--that talents like her should sing once and then hide their gifts forever? and why drag other theater groups into this? this blog has championed all theater companies across the board. their struggles and their efforts have been documented here for all to see. if you were paying attention just a bit, you'd have noticed that other theater companies now use the same methods to raise greater awareness for their projects. the virgin labfest of tanghalang pilipino had a blog review contest as well. the cinemalaya film festival had a contest among students for the best cinemalaya review. i myself have run quite a number of self-initiated contests here to encourage more people to watch theater, especially the small productions that do need more push. so what exactly is your beef? what is there to stop? and please, if you have some strong words to fling around, develop the balls to attach your real name to them. now, read your post again and try to make sense of what you just said. kaya mo yan, goodluck.

P0ytee said...

I think the anonymous commenter is referring to Cinderella's TV ad.

Bong said... :) I LOVE THE SHOW! :)

dazedblu* said...

hey this is something good, I try to do this one :)

Alfred said...

Good Job! :)

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