Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Postscript to the latest review

Again, Walter Kerr (from his book How Not to Write a Play):

“The most earnest exhortation, repeated often enough, becomes as pat as a television commercial. After a while, because I know everything the man is going to say and even the tone of voice in which he is going to say it, I will very likely dial him out. This does not necessarily indicate a lack of sympathy, or a disagreement about social aims, on my part. On the contrary, it is possible that I have reached a state of almost total agreement with the contemporary playwright, that we have achieved a meeting of minds so absolute as to induce a kind of conversational paralysis. I can anticipate every argument, every illustration, every conclusion he is prepared to offer (I am confident that he is not going to come out in favor of lynching), and, if I am ever going to be honest about it, I must admit that the good fellow bores me. He is on the side of the angels; so am I.”

[This review: “Pleasant and pretty, if not rapturous”]

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Abaniko said...

Ano daw ulit? :D

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