Friday, August 15, 2008

Yucks and yeys

You turn around because someone is leaning on your shoulder, suddenly looking into the open mouth of a drunken beggar... You see his rotten teeth, surrounded by pustulant sores, while he suddenly releases the reeking content of his stomach all over you... You feel your stomach turn over as you suddenly feel the acidic taste of a clump of his vomit on your lips.

Did that paragraph just make you go "Yuck!?" Here's why.

On a much brighter note, ten-fold Yeys! to the winners of Janette Toral's Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2008 project. Last year, this blog was in the list, too, if barely--ninth out of 14 (I think) winners, with several ties. Hooray in particular to my friends Fritz and the rest of the Visit Sagada boys (Benj, Angel, Jeff), to the people behind Filipino Voices, to Coy, Aileen and the rest of the You Got Tech gang, and last but not least, my co-Fabcaster AJ and his tres exciting Bloggers Da Who. Speaking of Fritz, he placed ninth, too. I made sure of that--I didn't vote for him so he wouldn't be higher than me. Hoho, that's what friends are for!

1. Manila Foodistas
2. Filipino Voices
3. Visit Sagada
4. Missing Carlo
5. Mar Roxas for President in 2010 blog
6. You Got Tech
7. The Not so Talented DJ Montano
8. Davao Delicious / Music Picks
9. Bariles Republic / Fritzified
10. Bloggers Da Who

Tip: I've checked out Manila Foodistas. Fabulous food blog at only four months old. Now, why didn't we think of this earlier, Fabcasters?!


Richard the Adventurer said...

Congratulations to the winners!

lateralus said...

You do realize that that blog was launched a WEEK before the contest started, right?

Fritz said...

Maski na pareho tayong 9th, sabihin nating maski na mataas pa place ko, hindi pa rin ako makakaabot sa level ng Gibbs Cadiz maski na ilang taon pa akong mag-blog. Yun yon! LOL Thanks for the mention, Gibbs! Yay!

gibbs cadiz said...

thanks, RICHARD! :)

sure, BENJ, but what has got that to do with the quality of their posts and the hard work that they put into it? the entries are useful, well-written, well-put together. ín the end, good content is the only thing that should matter, right? :)

FRITZ, sige na nga, pero kaya ko bang maging rockstar at paparazzi extraordinaire? hindi din! lol. :)

lateralus said...

how about the whoring and making templates for people to copy paste?

gibbs cadiz said...

sorry, BENJ, doesn't bother me. :) the end product--which happens to be very good in this case--is the only clincher for me. :) said...

Great to finally meet you in person Gibbs. We'll be having an eyeball this October and will give you a heads-up on that one. I look forward in catching up with you again soon (and give your certificate).

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