Sunday, September 07, 2008

An exclusive interview with the Eraserheads

Not by me, but by the people of Inquirer Super, specifically editor Pam Pastor and contributor Gang Badoy.

You bought yesterday's paper, right? Or at least read the online edition? If not, then you missed the exclusive blockbuster interview that Gang managed to snag with three members of the Eraserheads--Raymund Marasigan, Buddy Zabala and Marcus Adoro.

Ely Buendia was still in the hospital at the time the Q&A was done, so he couldn't be badgered for his side of the story. His bandmates, though, gabbed openly and lengthily, giving readers a vivid, colorful lowdown of the simmering backstage drama that occurred before, during and after their fabled reunion concert last week.

Sample quotes from Raymund alone:

“I don't think we can stand each other for that long period of time, enough to record an album.”

“For this show, I think all of us gave all that we could. I even think Ely gave more than everybody else, given the circumstance. I think he gave more than what was asked of him.”

“When he's ready, I'll talk him into doing it again...We don't talk a lot but I want to talk him into finishing it. I'm sure that's what Ely wants to do, too.”

“I don’t mind playing Eraserheads shows, now that we’ve played together. Maybe just not on a regular basis. I don’t think I can handle it. Physically, emotionally and psychologically.”

“I was thinking, everyone should relax, it's just a concert. The country has bigger problems like peace in Mindanao, di ba?”

“May kanta kami diyan, '’Wag Mo Nang Itanong.'” (On the real reason they broke up.)

And to the question, “After the reunion gig, did you realize that you missed each other?"


Now that's candor. Raymund's full interview here, Buddy's here, Marcus' here.

PLUS: Symphonic Eraserheads! Pinoy pop meets classical as Ryan Cayabyab rearranges the E-heads' top hits into a sweeping concerto, with Gener Caringal's Philippine Ballet Theater providing the en pointe dancing. Intriguing, exciting transmutation. If you can't stand ballet, just close your eyes and listen to the Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra lend lushness and majesty to the band's playful melodies. Another highlight of ABS-CBN and CCP's Kulturang Handog sa Bayan concert of many moons ago, unearthed from my baul. Ehem, dito lang meron niyan! (Gloat.)


Mugen said...

Thanks for this entry Gibbs!

stevie said...

I remember years back in another ABS special where it was a musical number of Pinoy pop songs arranged again by Ryan but this time the dancers were a ballet, The Maneuvers and the Street
Boys. It was exhilarating to watch. One of the songs in that number was Eraserhead's With a Smile. I wonder if you have a copy of that TV special. said...

Wow Gibbs. Ang galing nung video. Thanks for sharing it. What a gem indeed. Cheers!

amateur misanthrope said...

Grabe! Wala akong masabi!

Meron pala: Ang galing-galing ng areglo! Ang ganda ng tunog!

Bravo to the Eraserheads! Sobrang brilliant ng musical instincts nila, their melodies actually transcribe to orchestration naturally. The arrangement absolutely makes sense! Hindi awkward! The music sings and tells a story. I'm thinking: Gershwin and Bernstein at the very least.

I wonder what Cayabyab titled this piece? The Eraserheads suite?

This piece has the makings of a Philippine classic. May it remain in the PPO repertory for a long, long time. Bravo!

R-yo said...


Andaming talagang treasures sa iyong magic baul! :-)

gibbs cadiz said...

MUGEN, welcome! :)

STEVIE, that number is also in this program, but my vhs copy goes crappy during that part, so it wasn't included in the transfer to dvd. i'll look for another, more complete copy. :)

thanks much, JANETTE! :)

AMATEUR, ganda diba? PPO should really play this more often, baka mas madami pa manood sa concerts nila, hehe. or at least include a performance of pop symphonies in their season. :)

R-YO, hehe, me konti pang natitira, suspense muna. :)

estan said...

gibbs, the video (and esp. the music) is great! sana, may cello solo. i can't help remember those times that i've visited the CCP to hear the PPO play. the last performance i saw was that sara baras flamenco presentation. after that, wala na.

and, oh, yung kay cecile licad din pala before, naubusan ako ng ticket and it was quite surreal to see imelda marcos arrive and was told to stay in line :)

Kristine said...

I love Ely. Sob.

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