Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Follow me, atbp.

1. “Do you have a favorite blog and want to let the author and readers know that you are a fan? Well now you can do that and more with the Blogger Following feature! You can even keep track of the blogs you follow via your Reading List on the Blogger dashboard.”

That's the intro to Blogger's cool new feature called Following. I didn't even know about it until my dashboard displayed a new element: 2 Followers, it said, and when I clicked on the link, there was a brand-new list of two bloggers who've signed up as Followers of this blog (see sidebar). The first two, to my delight, are illustrious people in their fields--one in the performing arts, the other in IT/blogging.

I'll leave it up to you to find out who they are. Let me just invite you to sign up as well; just click on the Follow This Blog link in the sidebar. The feature alerts you, first of all, whenever I post a new entry. You can also aggregate all your favorite blogs in one Reading List. And when you sign up as a Public Follower (there's an option to follow blogs anonymously, but then, what for?), your picture will appear under the Followers list in my sidebar. Such an act of bravery will earn you my undying gratitude--and a mention in my novenas.

I'm Gavroche, and I'm shouting, “Follow me!”

2. And the Glass Slipper goes to... Marc Greggy! “Chronicles of the Glass Slipper,” his entry to the Cinderella blog review contest that the people over at LeaSalongaFansClub had organized, got the nod of Lea herself. Marc's first-prize loot bag includes $100, plus Cinderella soundtrack album (the one that Lea and cast are recording in Manila) and original US-made DVD copies of The Making of Miss Saigon and Hey, Mr. Producer! Congratulations, Marc!

There were 38 entries, many of them perceptive and well-written. I was invited to read through the reviews and pick three finalists; I came up with four. I'm not sure which ones my co-judges Mitz and Mikaela picked as their choices, but in the end, aside from Marc Greggy who emerged on top, the finalists included Bohemian Vixen (“Of love, wishes, and dreams [aka Lea Salonga and Cinderella]”), Davidplatz (“The Long Reflection of a Daft and Dewy-eyed Dope: Cinderella [Broadway Asia]”) and Misteroberts (“Cinderella at CCP”). They, too, will get generous prizes.

Thanks to everyone who participated, and congrats to the Final Four!

3. Speaking of Lea--here, something brief, beautiful and rare:

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TheBachelorGirl said...

Haha! Cute tongue in cheek reference to Gavroche...

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