Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Harry heats up Broadway

“A young man in a state of serious sexual and psychological anxiety sweats at center stage in the revival of Peter Shaffer’s 'Equus,' which opens on Sept. 25 at the Broadhurst Theater after a stampede-inducing run in the West End of London. The clamor was not inspired by a fervent need to revisit Mr. Shaffer’s drama from 1973, about a stable boy obsessed to the point of psychosis with horses under his care. No, it was another case of collective celebrity fever... The role of the freaked-out horse worshiper is taken by Daniel Radcliffe, who is apparently the star of a fantasy film series based on books about a British boy with nerdy eyeglasses and magical powers. (Henry somebody?) The estimable Richard Griffiths, seen recently on Broadway in 'The History Boys,' portrays the psychiatrist who seeks to cure him but comes to envy the confused lad a wee bit too.”

-- Charles Isherwood, “On Tap: A Male, Male, Male, Male World”

Dear God, I've a question: Why wasn't I born a Noo Yowker?

PLUS: Rent ends 12-year Broadway run--and why it will endure. The Rodgers and Hammerstein Organization go on the block--and why the British should snap it up. To cut or not to cut Hamlet--and which parts? The difference, if any, between amateur and professional theater. Top Girls' Caryl Churchill turns 70, is lionized by West End greats. Stand back, London! Elena Roger chucks Evita for Edith Piaf. Josh “I'm the guy who wants to be taken seriously” Hartnett hits the West End in Rain Man. Hollywood, meanwhile, heads for Broadway. Clive James on how Europe's exiled artists changed and enriched America. Lastly, something to bookmark: the 50 greatest arts videos on YouTube.

[Photo: Carol Rosegg]


Cheska said...

"Dear God, I've a question: Why wasn't I born a Noo Yowker?"
I ask that question all the time. Haha.

gibbs cadiz said...

haha, hope to see ya in NY, CHESKA! :)

Andy Briones said...

Is it just me or does Daniel Radcliffe look 2x better with his shirt off. lol.

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