Tuesday, September 30, 2008

'Living theater is powerful'

English actress Kristin Scott Thomas: “I’ve always really wanted to be onstage, but movies kind of carry you along. You get swept away by them... But theater--good theater--is rarer. If you see a really amazing production--there aren’t many, but if you see one--it stays with you forever and ever. Films are just consumables. The experience of living theater is more powerful.”

Ms. Scott Thomas is reprising her Olivier-winning role as Arkadina, the aging stage diva of Chekhov's The Seagull, on Broadway, opening at the Walter Kerr Theater on Oct. 1.

“Now 48, she has the big, heavy-lidded eyes, the regal cheekbones, the Garbo-like self-possession of an old-fashioned star: so glamorous and mysterious that you wouldn’t in the least mind sitting out a sandstorm with her, the way Ralph Fiennes did in 'The English Patient,'” swoons Charles McGrath in this profile.

[Photo: Johan Persson/Associated Press]


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