Friday, September 19, 2008

Once bitten, twice shy

My blog's in the shortlist for the Best Blog-Culture & Arts category in the 2008 Philippine Blog Awards. Last year the blog was also a finalist, but there was no Arts & Culture category yet, so I was shoved into the Fashion & Lifestyle set. That one was deservedly won by BryanBoy: Le Superstar Fabuleux.

Now I'm nominated with four other blogs in the new category, viz:

Dalityapi Unpoemed
pamatay homesick
Perlas Design Studio
Pinoy Power

The awarding ceremonies will be held at One Esplanade near SM Mall of Asia this Sunday, September 21. Registration starts at 5 p.m. Haven't thought of going yet; hate dressing up, and losing again--on the eve of my birthday yet--might be too much for my delicate constitution. Pass me the White Flower.

More good news: our Fabcasters podcasts, under McVie's name, are also nominated in the Best Blog-Videocast/Podcast category! Hugs, high-fives and flying kisses to my co-Fabcasters Migs, McVie, CC, AJ and Tony.

Shoutouts, too, to friends whose blogs are in the final cut: Angel and his Lakwatsero travel blog; Jeff, Benj, Fritz and Angel again for their Visit Sagada blog project; kick-ass video bloggers Kring and Coy, who join HK-based podcasters Dan and Rye in the Videocast/Podcast grouping; and Dine Racoma (of The D Spot) in Family & Living. Good luck to all of us!

And, Benj, thank you for the early, early nomination. See, I don't forget. (Grin.)


RG-boy said...


you deverve it!!

Sexy Mom said...

i meant to greet you earlier--you deserve the award. and so i say, good luck to all of us, and our friends who are in the finals.

advanced happy birthday--may you have your heart's desire on your special day. super God bless.

aajao said...

hi gibbs! congratulations to you and to all your blogger pals finalists. :)

fruityoaty said...

Congrats. Well-deserved, Gibbs.

FunnySexy said...

Dear, congrats on the nomination/recognition! Truly well-deserved. Also, I listened to the Fabcast for the first time a few days ago and I was hooked! You guys rock!!!

R-yo said...

i'm sure you're gonna get it this time. congrats!

Everlito (ever) Villacruz said...

congrats po!...

kung posible po..pwede ko po kayong i add sa blog list ko..salamat!

TheBachelorGirl said...

Delicate constitution... Hmmm... How about I bring my magic elixir if you go the PBA? Besides, you might not need it. ;)

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